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In the past, the only travel essentials you needed to keep in your bag were some clothes, your toothbrush and a comb. But not anymore. Today, there are a lot of other items to think about when packing your bags for an adventure across the country or abroad.

When travelling with friends or as a couple you may be codependent on each other to keep certain items in your possession. But it can be a bit daunting if you are travelling alone. Here are a few travel essentials that will help you get through your journey smoothly and leave you with nothing but good memories.

Backpacks or suitcases

A light backpack goes a long way and will help you move quickly through the airport. If you are going for a hiking or a camping adventure then a bag pack is the best way to go. Sometime, however, a backpack is a bit too much to carry around. So if you are going on a trip that includes a hotel room stay, it’s best to bring a suitcase.

The suitcases with wheels attached may be heavier, but they are far easier to carry and manuever. Buy a suitcase with a padlock to avoid having your possessions stolen and preventing others from slipping in items without your knowledge.

Also, it is better to attach a unique sticker or two to your suitcase. It may look childish, but it helps a lot during baggage claim, as you will be able to spot your suitcase quickly even if there are similar suitcases here and there. It will also help identify your suitcase more easily in case your luggage is lost.

Carrying Travel Documents

For women, it is usually easier to have ID, a passport, airline tickets and other necessary documents in a handbag. But even then it is a lot of work to keep everything organized. Take a separate clutch (for women) or a buy an under-garment travel pack (men and women). Keep your important documents in that bag and on your body at all times. You will have fewer chances of forgetting something if it is in tied to your wrist or wrapped around your waist.

These specialty bags are a great place to keep your credit cards or cash, your hotel keys and your emergency contacts- a travel essential MUST.

Money or Credit Cards

You must always carry cash with you especially when travelling to a different country. Many places don’t accept all credit cards or even worse, don’t accept credit cards at all. You have to be prepared for anything. Be sure not to keep all your cash and credit cards in one place. Divide the cash in different pockets or waist bag and clutches.

Also, if you are using an ATM be sure to do it at your hotel or in a crowded area rather than a secluded one. Take out only as much as you need, and be observant of those around you.

Digital Camera or mobile phone

While the latest smartphones have amazing image capture abilities, nothing beats the result of a good digital camera. After all, a digital camera is specifically designed to capture your moments more beautifully and with a lot more detail. However, if a simple selfie is the mission- a phone camera will do the job nicely. Either way, cameras are considered travel essentials. Don’t leave home without one.

If you’re planning on filming a vlog, writing a blog about your trip with pictures, or are just planning to film some parts of your trip, using a digital camera will be your best option. If you do not own one yourself, borrow one from a friend or a relative to keep costs at a minimum.

Travel Essentials for Connectivity

You will obviously need to charge your phone constantly while travelling. You may have packed your phone charger with you, but you can’t always locate a spot to connect your phone if you are in transit. A power bank will save you from that worry. Be sure to pack a power bank with you- one that is compatible with your phone. Consider borrowing one from a friend if you don’t have one.

You might also face an issue of unfamiliar plug sockets in different countries that could prevent you from charging your phone or camera. What could be worse than discovering the socket’s current doesn’t match your straightener, or blow dryer, or straightening brush? The solution to that nightmare is the universal plug, which has a variety of socket options. You will be free to connect or charge whatever you need through any plug.

Be familiar with the local routes

While at your hotel, use the free Wi-Fi service to plan your excursions using Google maps. Scan through the Google maps app to determine your destinations instead of relying on roaming data which might not be available on your phone when you need it most. Take a screenshot of the route that you intend to follow. This way you won’t get lost and won’t have to worry about asking people for directions who are not familiar with your language.

When navigating your way through the city by cab, act as if you are familiar with your destination. Often times, if the cab driver knows that you are new to his city, he may take a longer route which will increase your fare. It is best to be on your guard, rather than having to pay extra for the ride.

Preparing for your trip is easy to do if you keep these simple tips in mind. So have faith in yourself and enjoy your trip to the fullest. You have spent your time, money and energy planning your adventure and now is your chance to live life to the fullest. So go ahead and celebrate your time away.

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Written by Barney Whistance

Barney Whistance is an enthusiastic Finance and Economics blogger who is most interested in global economic climate. Apart from doing majors in Finance, he is also a Chartered Accountancy Student and planning to complete his Ph.D. in Finance before he turns 30.

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