A wine party makes for a perfect winter gathering. People are looking for indoor activities where they can warm up with good friends. It’s also a great occasion to share any wine left from holiday festivities! Keep reading for suggestions on how to make your winter wine party ultra-classy this year.

Add Class to Your Glass

One difference between a wine party and an ultra-classy wine party is what guests are drinking out of. Choose a sophisticated style, such as the artisan blown glass collections from Weston Table. Good wine tastes even better when served in high quality glasses. People will complement you on your taste all evening, and the glasses will be the center of every posted picture!

Pair the Wine with Small Plates

Small plates are the classiest way to serve food at a wine party. They satisfy your guests’ taste buds without weighting them down. Charcuteries and crudités pair well with all wine. Research recipes for small plates that pair well with specific wines you will be serving. For that extra touch of class, place decorative menu cards at each serving station so your guests can rave about your selections without having to ask you each time!

To help you know what to put on the plates, VinePair offers you these eight delicious recipes for inspiration.

Set the Ambiance

While the food and wine are the stars of the party, the atmosphere plays a big part in determining the level of class. Have music on the in the background, loud enough to invoke the feel of a 5 star wine lounge, yet soft enough for your guests to carry on conversations. Serve food on china, and offer cloth napkins. To create that wintery vibe, light a fire if you have a fireplace, or opt for a digital version on a large screen. Soft yellow lightbulbs are perfect for casting a glow that is relaxing but not sleepy.

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Informally Suggest a Somewhat Formal Attire

When people feel encouraged (but not mandated) to dress up a little bit, they feel classy before they even arrive. When you send out the messages inviting your guests, add a line that suggests guests use your party as an opportunity to show off their dressy sides. If you choose to send invitations, this automatically suggests that you are aiming to be a little bit fancy. It also helps to set a formal start time for the event.(Calling it an “event” classes it up even further!)

The next time you and your friends are down with the winter blues, take a break from the usual night of Netflix and take-out. Consider hosting a wine party! The above tips will provide you with inspiration for creating an occasion to eat, drink, and be ultra-classy.