Coming up with birthday ideas is never easy but the task usually pays off in a big way. A well-thought gift and card will surely brighten your birthday person’s life for a long time to come. However, doing something unique is pretty tough since everyone has a birthday every year.  

If you’re looking for something unique and heartfelt, focus on birthday cards. Written messages have a powerful effect and are more emotionally substantial than most gifts. Continue reading to learn about a few ways to make your loved one’s birthday a little bit more special this year with unique card ideas.

Personalize The Card For Your Birthday Person

In order to connect with a person, it helps to understand as much as possible about them. What do they like? What are they into? Their passions and hobbies? Think about what you know about them and what they enjoy to select the right choice for them. A little information goes a long way when you’re trying to show someone that you care.

After you have a good idea of the things they are into, start brainstorming. A unique and reliable way to produce good birthday cards is to draw on one of their hobbies or something in their family background. For example, if they have an Irish lineage and seem to identify with it, you could include that by offering them an Irish-themed card. You could wish them their best Irish birthday wishes by using one of several humorous blessings that are well-known in the Irish language. The Irish are infamous for their phrasal wit and using one of these phrases is sure to put a smile on their face.

Identifying their passions and doing something themed especially for their pleasures is a good way to show that you took time to think about them and what they like. It also shows them that you’ve been paying attention to them and you know more about them than a mere acquaintance. It helps to put some thought into their gift as well.

Customize It To Be Completely Unique

Using custom phrasings and artwork is a great way to show not only your careful consideration but also provides an infallible way to come up with something completely unique. Don’t worry too much about the quality of work. What’s important is that you took the time to make it for them and any thoughtful recipient will understand that you really put some energy into it and that you care about them. Why else would you craft them homemade and painted birthday cards when you could just buy one for a dollar?

There are several ways to customize a birthday card:

  • Draw or sketch a relevant picture. It might help to watch a tutorial if you don’t know how.
  • Paint the card with watercolor, finger paints, or acrylics for fast drying times and convenient cleanup.
  • Print and paste pictures of your favorite memories together.
  • Call their mom and get some scans of their childhood photos for scanning and re-printing. Such a nostalgic approach will not only be heartwarming for the recipient but is likely to be enjoyed by all the guests at the event.
  • Adding a unique saying or phrase makes the card individualized.
  • Tell an inside joke from your past.
  • Write how you honestly feel about them and your relationship to warm their heart.
  • Write them a heartfelt blessing

These several suggestions are sure to help you make and gift a card that they won’t soon forget. Use these ideas to brainstorm and hopefully it will jog your memory and help you to create a really great card. Take your time and think carefully to come to the best end result.

If you still don’t know what to do, go to a stationary store and browse through their birthday cards to get some ideas. Surely after doing that you will some kind of idea of what to do. While you’re there, you can pick up some of the craft supplies you may want to use to decorate the card, even if it’s just a ribbon or some extra glitter.

Cards Last Longer And Make Bigger Impressions Than Gifts

A gift is always a good idea as everyone enjoys receiving gifts. However, most people save their favorite cards as they are easy to store and such a card will far outlast almost any gift you could buy. Long after it’s used up, that card will still be neatly tucked away only to be reviewed later by your loved one, or even their family after they have passed. Cards preserve the moment better than gifts as the look, style, and written content are representative of the time in which it was written.

A card is a semi-permanent record of your relationship with the individual. So be honest, write something funny, and you’ll immortalize your relationship with that person. This can bring pleasure not only to them in the present but also to them, their family, and their friends for decades to come.