If you are like most women, you probably struggle to manage a vast array of duties and obligations. Your life can seem like a constant game of catch-up. When we get busy with school, work, and family, we can withdrawal from our friends, neglecting our own social needs as we tend to the needs of others.

Social bonds are scientifically proven to improve both our mental and physical well-being. Scheduling time to catch-up with friends is not just a selfish pleasure, it is an important key to your survival. This is why it is so important that you treat yourself to a girl’s night out, and that you enjoy your time with friends as much as possible. Here are four tips to help you create an unforgettable night on the town.

1. Schedule Your Night Out Strategically

Everyone leads such busy lives that it can be nearly impossible to pick a day for a party or night out that works for everyone. One option is to set up an online poll to have friends let you know their availability. Technology keeps us running ragged sometimes so we might as well use it to our advantage to plan a great girl’s night!

Encourage your friends to tell you honestly if a week or month is just not going to work for their schedule. A friend studying for the bar exam might not be the most fun to hang out with, but if you wait a month, you could get all the girls together for an incredible celebration. Find out what is going on in your friends’ lives and schedule the party with them in mind.

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2. Get Festive with Costumes and Party Favors

How often do you get to go out and let loose with your ladies? Not nearly often enough! Mark the occasion by splurging on festive costumes and party favors. Even if you are just going out on a random weekend night, costumes can still add an extra touch of fun.

Whether you and your crew walk into a nightclub wearing costumes for Mardi Gras or just some Mardi Gras beads, you will definitely turn heads and get your evening off to an exciting start. A theme, like an 80s night, can even turn a typical girl’s night into a memorable blast back to the past.

3. Arrange Transportation

If there is going to be drinking during this night out, you need to make sure you have transportation arranged well in advance of the party. If you plan on using a ride sharing service, make sure your app is up to date. If you plan on taking public transportation, check the schedule to verify the hours of operation, and make sure that there are no closures or changes in services that might disrupt your travel plans.

4. Pre and Post-Party Considerations

Consider having your friends over to your apartment for a pre-party gathering. Instead of serving alcohol, however, serve sandwiches and mineral water or juice (at least at first). That way, you can make sure your friends start their evening fed and hydrated. This can help keep everybody on their feet and having fun during your party.

Afterwards, consider offering to let your friends sleep at your place, or alternatively, your group could split the cost of a hotel room near your destination. The most important consideration is everyone’s safety, and that no one drives while intoxicated.

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Enjoy a night out on the town with your friends, and get the most out of your experience by following these tips. Talk to your friends about schedules, stay safe, add plenty of festive touches and your night is sure to be a success.