While many companies are back at the office full-time, many others have adopted a more hybrid working style that allows employees to continue working at home if it suits them. But as the temperature gets warmer, some might be worried about how they are going to keep cool when working from home this summer, particularly in a house that has likely been built to remain warm in winter.

Rather than plugging in a fan all day and running up the electricity bill, there are other ways to cool down over the summer months as we continue to go to work from our own home desks. This article will explore some of these ways further.

Limit your air conditioning

Despite air conditioning and ceiling fans not always part of a home in the UK, most modern offices have at least one of these cooling systems in the building. However, air conditioning and fans are known for causing havoc with your eyes.

Roshni Patel, BSC (Hons) MCOptom, expert optometrist from Lenstore says, “using a fan in hot weather may seem like a good way to cool off, but having air blown into your eyes can cause them to dry out and become scratchy and irritated. The same applies to air conditioning.”

Instead, he suggests, “if you’re able to, try using a cool, damp towel or drinking cool water to help manage your temperature instead. And if you do need to use a fan, for example to sleep, avoid having it pointed directly at you so the air flow is away from your face.”

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Keep your house cool

With energy prices quickly rising, using electrical appliances to cool down your home isn’t a guaranteed option anymore. Instead, there are a few ways to avoid overheating as you continue to work from home.

Closing your blinds, especially on windows that attract the sun during the day, will significantly cool your home. Block-out curtains are also a great way to shield your home from any harsh sun rays. Using external coverings like blinds, large potted plants and awnings will help shade windows and walls to keep the sun out. While opening your house up in the evening when the weather has cooled down and letting the breeze circulate through the rooms will bring down the internal temperature in no time.

Remember to hydrate

Managing to stay on top of fluids by regularly hydrating throughout the day is a simple tip to cool down that many often forget. Making drinking more water part of your routine is easier if you invest in a bottle, while it’s best to avoid liquids like tea and coffee since caffeine will dehydrate you even more.

Change your working hours

The pandemic has increased the popularity of hybrid working and flexible hours that don’t follow the traditional 9-5 schedule. For employees that work at a company that does allow these changes, not working when the outside temperature is at its highest can be a good way to avoid the heat during the day. Instead, starting work earlier and taking a break inbetween to continue later in the afternoon can mean workers miss the hottest part of the working day, and can remain cool before picking up work again later.

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Follow the suggestions in this article to keep both yourself and your house cool while you are working from home this summer.