Soon after college graduation, it’s pretty common for young adults to move out of their family’s home. It’s the next step towards making your own path and living your own life. Though it can be exciting to leave the confinements of mom and dad’s place, transitioning can be difficult. Not only are you responsible for providing a roof over your head, food in your stomach, clothes on your back, and earning a living to pay the bills, but there’s also being in an unfamiliar place away from everyone you know.

While you can certainly link with friends you’ve met from college, being in a new town can feel empty. Moving away from home a bit easier to get through it’s good to build new friendships. Friends are great for keeping you company, giving you advice, showing you the ropes, and being a lending ear or a shoulder to cry on when you need it.

How do you find new friends when you’re from out of town? Below are some cool suggestions:

Have a Housewarming Party

Your neighbors are located closest to you and can make really good friends. A nice icebreaker to let everyone know who you are would be to host a housewarming party and invite them over. You don’t have to request gifts, just a simple social affair in your new home. Inviting neighbors, relatives, and friends from your past makes things not so awkward and can give you an opportunity to get to know the people you live near.

Hit the Social Scene

Want to connect with other millennials in town? Then hit the social scene. You can ask your neighbors and coworkers where the hot spots are or you can check for upcoming events on social media. Put on something nice, grab your wallet, ID, and Kandy Pens Miva Vaporizer, and see what the town has to offer. A low-key bar or lounge is ideal as the setting is perfect for socializing and getting to know others.

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Get a Puppy

Kill two birds with one stone by getting your first puppy. Dogs are great companions and can make the transition of leaving home a lot easier. Also, dog lovers are a large community that enjoys socializing with others. Visit a dog park or groom services and connect with other pet owners in the area.

Join a Gym

If you love staying in shape then find the nearest gym and join. You’d be surprised who you come in contact with at the gym. From business professionals to stay at home moms, you’re sure to find a few people you could build a potential friendship with. Take classes and start talking with the regulars. There’s nothing wrong with letting them know you’re new to the area either. They may actually give you some pointers on being a resident. Then, you can make dates to meet outside of the gym.

Join a Book Club

For those who enjoy reading a creative way to meet new friends in your new neighborhood is to join a book club. Perhaps even offer to hold a few meetings at your house. You can make simple snacks, mixed drinks, and even have a few KandyPens on hand for those who enjoy a good vape. As you talk about your common interests in the book you start to build a relationship that could last a lifetime.

Try Social Media

When looking to make new connections social media is the digital platform to use. Search for people in the area or look to see if your existing social media friends have friends in your area. Then request to be their friends online. Then, start looking at their pages, commenting and liking (without being too creepy). It can take some time but after a while, they may open up to you more and want to meet in person.

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Moving away from family to start your own life is exciting but trying as there’s a lot to process. Getting through it all is often a lot easier with friends around. Though it can seem intimidating to try and meet new people when you’re from out of town, it’s really not that bad once you get started. Simply try some of the suggested solutions above and you’re bound to meet a few people that you would love to connect with more.