Whether you are a remote worker or thinking about taking the plunge, it is normal to weigh up its pros and cons. Every career has advantages and disadvantages. With remote working becoming easier to manage and more popular, you may wonder if it is the right step for you. 

In this guide, you will discover more about remote working and its benefits. Not only does it offer more flexibility in work, but it offers more social freedom and personal time. Let’s get into it.

You Can Work From Anywhere

If you are in a well-paid remote role and want to maximize your life, you may think about moving abroad. Some countries offer luxury real estate for a much more affordable price. If you know you can afford to live somewhere else for a few months of the year, or full-time, why not? 

The beauty of remote working is that you can do it from anywhere. So long as you commit to the hours and put in the work, you will be able to live comfortably in your dream home and in your dream location. Even if its short term, remote working lets you live and work from anywhere in the world. All you need is yourself, your commitment, and your computer. 

More Freedom

You may want to learn how to play guitar, for example, and you can do so with more free time. If there is a hobby or a passion you have always wanted to pursue or commit to, you can with more freedom. Instead of dedicating your hours between 9 am and 5 pm to work, you can dedicate a few hours in the morning to learning guitar. Then, work a little later in the evenings. 

With remote working, you can often work whatever hours you choose, so long as the work gets done. So you can make more free time, if your work allows it, to focus on those hobbies you have always wanted to take up. 

Better Work-Life Balance

With more freedom and flexible hours, a remote worker can create a better work-life balance. This means a person has more control over their work schedule and makes their working hours feel and be more valuable. Then, your personal needs can factor in and take a front seat. There is the ability to have the autonomy to structure your workday so you can be more productive, get tasks done efficiently, and make time for activities outside of work.

In a 9-5 job, it is easy to let your work life overtake everything. You may often find yourself working late or not have enough downtime or even time to fit in a dentist checkup. With remote hours and working from home, you can start attending to the needs of your personal life.

No Commuting Stresses or Delays

Wasting time commuting is just one of the downsides of getting to and from work. More than 30 minutes of daily one-way commuting is associated with increased levels of stress and anxiety, and research shows that commuting 10 miles to work each day is associated with health issues such as high cholesterol and depression. 

Ditching the commute helps you support your mental and physical health. The time savings can allow you to focus on priorities outside of work, like getting extra sleep in the morning, spending more time with family, getting in a workout, or eating a healthy breakfast.

Instead of spending an hour each way on the train, you can use that time to get work done. Thus, you can finish earlier and spend more time in the evenings learning how to cook or socializing with friends you do not often get to see.

Save More Money 

With a remote job, many bills can be cut or reduced. Gas, car maintenance, transportation, parking fees, a professional wardrobe, lunches bought out, and more can all be reduced or eliminated from your spending entirely. These savings add up and put more money back into your pocket.

Saving more money may contribute towards better and healthier living or a completely different lifestyle. You may be able to holiday more, with more money and more time, or upgrade your car, home, or buy better groceries. Little savings can amount to a big saving pot over time, which will contribute to anything you want to put your money towards. 

A Happier Planet

Remote work supports a variety of sustainability leads. It helps economic growth and reduces inequalities. It also helps a city become more sustainable by reducing climate change and encourages responsible consumption.

One of the fastest, cheapest ways for employers and employees to reduce their carbon footprint and to affect climate change is by reducing commuter travel. In fact, the world is already seeing markedly reduced pollution, congestion, and traffic during the pandemic response. Also, being able to experience the results firsthand may be a driver of remote work for everyone involved.

To put it into perspective, here are a few facts. A whopping 7.8 billion vehicle miles aren’t traveled each year for those who work at least part-time from home. Moreover, 3 million tons of greenhouse gases are avoided and oil savings reach $980 million a year. With that in mind, you can see that remote working helps more than just our own happiness. It also makes the planet happier.

Increased Productivity 

Working from home usually leads to fewer interruptions, fewer office politics, a quieter noise level, and less or more efficient meetings. Add in the lack of a commute, remote workers typically have more time and fewer distractions, which leads to increased productivity. This is a huge benefit of working from home for both employees and employers alike.

With your own surroundings, office space, and freedom, you can use your time more wisely. You can work early or work late. You can work whenever suits you and when you feel most motivated, which will result in a better outcome. 

When done right, remote work allows employees and companies to focus on what really matters. Unfortunately, the office environment can create “false positives” that can lead to bias and favoritism. After all, coming in early and leaving late may “look” like more work, but actual performance is a much better indicator of productivity.