How Millennials Are Reinventing the Wine Culture

Millennial Magazine- wine culture

Millennials are known for an interesting and unique approach to life. There’s nothing general about millennial lifestyle since the accent is on the individuality. However, with specific habits, and out-of-the-box thinking and philosophy, influence on wine culture is very noticeable. Obviously, millennials have brought various changes to the world and the way different things and habits are perceived. So, what exactly is the new role when it comes to the proliferation of the wine industry?

The consumption of wine

The first thing that has to be addressed, when it comes to millennials and wine, is the rise in consumption over the last couple of years by this specific age group. The rise has been spotted all over the world, but the leading countries are undoubtedly the US and Australia. It seems that wine has become the preferred beverage of this generation, and the demand for it is actually higher than the one for coffee. For instance, almost half of all the wine sold in the US in 2015 was actually purchased by millennials.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that female millennials are in the lead when wine drinking is concerned. Also, the situation in Australia is not much different. Moreover, it’s become clear that millennials are becoming more willing to pay more for a good bottle of wine. Of course, Australia is known for its wine culture and special production, with a variety of delicious wines. You can easily find a quality liquor bottle shop in Sydney CBD that delivers wine anywhere in Australia, has a very rich offer and allows you to order online. With wine becoming more available and its taste more complex, it’s simply no wonder that precisely millennials have found it to be the perfect addition to their lifestyle.

Millennial Magazine- wine culture

Where does the change come from?

As mentioned, wine consumption is bigger than ever thanks to the millennials. Precisely because of that, the need to distribute wine more efficiently has become a market demand that manufacturers had to meet if they wanted to stay in the game. Together with wine deliveries, wines that are available for purchase in cans are also the result of the demand boost for this beverage. And, since millennials tend to be very tech-oriented and spend a lot of time online, the burst of wine online stores is hardly surprising. Of course, the change is still ongoing since millennials lifestyle and philosophy is a part of the biggest target market in the world right now. In that respect, the production of organic as well as biodynamic wines is steadily growing. After all, the producer’s mindset is always on satisfying the customer’s needs, and when millennials make the largest portion of that market, there simply isn’t a way around it. Giving the consumers what they want is purely smart business. This has always been true; it’s just that with millennials and their particular beliefs and attitudes, the change is considerable and noticeable.

The philosophy behind wine and millennials

Some may say that millennials tend to change their habits and obsessions quite frequently, which may be true to some degree. However, the fact of the matter is that most of their habits such as green smoothies, healthier lifestyle, love of nature and tech, etc. have stuck with them. It just that the old habits have become so accepted nowadays that they simply don’t take the spotlight. Wine, on the other hand, is only getting bigger. After all, this is a luxury that millennials can afford.

Drinking wine in itself is nothing fancy, but when it’s difficult for people of this generation to invest money in more luxurious stuff such as a car or a house, opting for a slightly more expensive wine has become a kind of a self-care and pampering act. Not to mention that millennials have actually grown up in a world where wine culture was already present. One may say that millennials view wine as a natural part and pleasure of everyday life thanks to the general availability of wine in their youth; which is something that their parents, for example, did not have. And with their tendency to bring novelty and innovation in simple pleasures in life, it’s no wonder that wine production and culture, among other things, is in the midst of change and will keep changing.

Millennial Magazine- wine culture

Wine culture has evolved through the generations

As millennials still make the majority of target audience for various industries, wine included, meeting their demands and wishes is a natural thing to do, especially from a business point of view. The inner search for originality and individuality has brought considerable market requirements and changes that winemakers try their best to fulfill. In that respect, it’s safe to say that millennials are responsible for the production rise in the wine industry, as well as other industries that are related to their trends and needs.

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Written by Tracey Clayton

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about traveling, fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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