The hardest workers in the body, our feet walk an estimated 115,000 miles in a lifetime. Yet, we tend to overlook our feet when it comes to health, therefore it’s no surprise that 9 in 10 people experience some sort of foot problem during their lives.

Many of these health problems are preventable, however and the solution is simple – wear the correct shoes. If you are looking for a range of comfortable and supportive footwear options to keep your feet happy and healthy throughout your daily adventures, there are Skechers for sale available in the market.

If you are keen to find out more about the ways in which your shoes affect your health, we recommend that you check out this highly informative infographic from the folks at Walsh Brothers Shoes. It includes a few fascinating facts about the feet in general and offers some practical advice to keep in mind during your next shoe-shopping spree. This guide also lays out several basic foot care activities you can try out at home to help build up the strength and flexibility of your feet.

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