A gentleman who not only spites traditional manhood codes and gender-biased stereotypes but also reinvents social mores in stride, the millennial man obeys few lifestyle rules – save for those he makes himself. But while there are no quintessential formulas set in stone to help a young millennial navigate his way from college into full-fledged adulthood, there are a few standards every urbane Gen-Y man swears by and obeys on a day-to-day basis.

From diet, exercise, and personal care to the dress code, business, and social life, the main pillars of the millennial man’s agenda are worlds apart from the cornerstones his father used to structure his life around back in his day.

A Menu That Fits a Millennial Men’s Fitness Bill

When it comes to diet and exercise, today’s 20+ males are much more attentive to healthy living advice and food labels than their dads and granddads were in their prime. The 21st century may be the era in which sedentary lifestyle is a golden standard, but it still doesn’t mean Gen-Y guys will let themselves go easily – and they have all they need to stay healthy and fit at the end of their fingertips.

These days, many millennials – girls and guys alike – use smart apps focusing on nutrition and exercise to stay in peak shape. Also, unlike previous generations of hungry males, men today are far more open to organic foods, new diets, and solo culinary experiments in the heart of their top-notch homes.

Sometimes, Dress Does Make a Millennial Man

As for the millennial men’s dress code, it evades even the shiest attempts at generalization, with men’s fashion fluctuating from ultra-casual to top-notch formal depending on the occasion and personal preference. One point that’s common to all menswear styles today, however, is that conventions are seen as more of a broad signpost and a source of inspiration than a Holy Bible of Fashion.

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Creative experiments starring steals from the classic ’60s menswear trends, such as belts, watches, neckties, aviator jackets and glasses are a byword for high style for many millennial males nowadays. In the business arena, you can tell a Gen Y dandy by his dapper getup featuring dark tweed, slim-fit denim, light-colored shirts (rolled up sleeves ad gustum), and high-polished leather shoes.

Gen Yers’ Personal Care Goes Beyond Skin-Deep

Young males today know that though beauty is never skin-deep, personal care does have a deep impact on individual style and social image. Generation Y males take good care of their physique in terms of both diet and personal care, nipping stereotypes about unkempt couch potatoes in the bud.

Up-to-date with chic hairdos, beard styles, grooming trends, and various other beauty tips, millennial men know that good manners and handsome looks are only one segment of the modern male and masculinity puzzle. Unlike their grandfathers, today’s guys aren’t averse to the daily shave and an odd go at manscaping ahead of big date nights. Most of them pay careful attention to their beard care and proper maintenance of their facial hair.

The Times in Which Business and Leisure Collide

For millennial men, business and leisure aren’t two separate time slots: in fact, many Generation Yers nowadays work from the comfort of their homes or juggle multiple freelance gigs online. In the world 20+ men live now, work time and playtime are interspersed throughout the day, and the flexible daily agenda cuts both ways like a brand new razor.

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By blending business and private life, millennial men have hacked improved life quality and higher productivity, while at the same time taking multitasking, stress management, and open-ended work-life balance to a whole new level.

Millennial ‘Lone Rangers’ Are Seldom Truly Alone

Although some studies show that the millennial male is the 21st-century ‘lone ranger’ who will bide his time before diving into domestic partnership waters, 20+ men are far from lonely even with the singleton status in the mix.

Both male and female Generation Yers live in a fast-paced, hi-tech digital era, and smartphones may soon evolve into hand extensions of a kind that allows young guys and gals to stay in touch with each other through Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and constantly multiplying social networks. In the eyes of a millennial male, everything is just a click away, from takeout meals and travel bookings to emotional support and updates on their loved one’s day.

Centuries Passed, but Courtship Is Still in Vogue

In the era of quick fixes and instant gratification, millennial men still like their relationships slow and stable, thank you. According to a recent Gallup poll, young men nowadays prefer romantic escapades lengthy ‘till confirmed as true love, and they’ll proudly parade their spouse-to-be down the aisle only after they’ve had their share of premarital fun. In addition to the slow-cook romance affairs, millennial men today aren’t averse to living with their parents for a few years longer as generations of young males used to be back in the past. For a 20- or 30-something guy these days, courtship and romance can last for years – and even when they decide to tie the knot, Gen Yers will think twice before jumping on the home-owning wagon. Why? The answer’s simple: young folks today know both the value of cash and the liberty that comes from living on rental property.

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In and out of offices, millennial men are poles apart from their male ancestors. In a world where gender roles, social paradigms, and the very definition of masculinity have shifted greatly, the millennial man remains the measure of all things and the sole creator of his fate. And as the boundaries of the man’s world continue to shift and fade, the millennial male is happy to be behind the wheel, humming to his favorite tunes and holding a cocktail one hand and a wad of cash in another.