Your husband has announced he wants to buy a motorcycle and you feel an immediate sense of horror. You might be afraid he is going to become some biker thug or that he won’t be as safe out on the road. But there are some very convincing reasons why he should get that motorcycle he wants. Here are three of the most important.

It Saves Gas

Motorcycles are considerably more fuel efficient than regular passenger cars, and definitely more so than pickups or larger SUVs. Especially if your husband has a morning commute and his business doesn’t mind him riding his motorcycle to work, it can save your family hundreds of dollars in gas every year, if not more. By using less gas, motorcycles are, of course, more environmentally friendly, and your husband will decrease your family’s carbon footprint by riding one.

It Costs Less Than A Car

While some luxury model motorcycles can be as expensive as standard passenger cars, on the whole bikes are considerably cheaper. Other expenses of owning a motorcycle, such as helmets and other protective gear, training classes (which are required by some states) and motorcycle insurance, should also be taken into account. Insurance rates, of course, vary widely depending on where you live, but pretty much everywhere it is still cheaper to insure a bike than a car.

It’s Not Particularly Unsafe If He Takes Precautions

While it is true that percentage-wise motorcycle accident fatalities are more common than car accident fatalities, it’s also true that around 40% of those motorcyclists killed in accidents in 2015 were not wearing helmets and 33% were speeding. Twenty-seven percent, in addition, had a blood alcohol content level above the legal limit for drunk driving. This means that so long as your husband has taken the correct safety precautions, such as always wearing a proper helmet while riding, obeying posted speed limits, receiving proper training and always driving defensively, he will be relatively safe riding his new motorcycle. And even if he is involved in an accident, a good personal injury attorney, like those at D Chadwick Calvert Law Office, can see to his case.

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The best reason to buy a motorcycle

But perhaps the real reason your husband really does need that motorcycle is to feed his inner desire for freedom. Nobody likes to be cooped up in a boring life all the time, and the freedom and fun a motorcycle will afford your husband might make him a much more fun person to be around. If he wants to get that motorcycle, let him. He probably really does need it.