You need to make a change, but don’t necessarily know which direction to go in. Taking a career break and going on a sailing sabbatical could be the life-changing experience you need in order to redirect your life’s compass and make a positive change to your life.

There are many things to consider when embarking upon a sailing sabbatical, particularly if you own a property and have children or other family ties at home, but undoubtedly it will be one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of your life. What’s more, if you purchase your yacht from a company that goes the extra mile, experienced sailing yacht brokers will be on hand at all times to offer invaluable advice and guidance.

Once you leave the dock, you’ll leave all your worries behind you. Many people consider retirement as the prime time to go sailing, but there’s no time like the present.

Your sailing sabbatical adventure

Buying a sailing yacht is one way of making a positive improvement in your life. A sailing sabbatical doesn’t just offer the opportunity to learn a new enriching skill; it offers the adventure of a lifetime.

Sailing around the world is a dream we all share. Exploring remote, untouched areas of natural beauty and having meaningful, wholesome experiences which expand our perception of the world is something money can’t buy. This kind of adventure challenges you to experience new cultures, languages, customs, and cuisine, all the while basking under the warm tropical sun, gazing at the starry night sky, passing the time watching whales and dolphins playing at sunset, snorkeling with multi-colored fish, and enjoying many more life-changing experiences.

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Shipyard organized events such as the Oyster Yachts World Rally serve as a great opportunity for taking a sailing sabbatical, providing a structured 27,000-mile circumnavigation route, starting and finishing in Antigua, navigating the Panama Canal, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Bali, Mauritius, and South Africa (to name just a few incredible destinations!). The benefit of participating in an event like this is that you become part of a close-knit sailing community, many of whom will share the common interest in wanting a sailing adventure. At the same time you will have all the support you need, thanks to the expert team running the rally.

Oyster Yachts’ sailboats are designed to ensure safety, luxurious comfort and a home away from home when on such voyages. Sabbatical Oyster yacht for sale sets the benchmark for safety, comfort and easy-handling, but even the smaller luxury sailing yachts for sale in the Oyster fleet are surprisingly spacious, with generous interior and exterior living space.

A much-needed change of lifestyle

Taking a sailing sabbatical is the perfect opportunity to experience a more minimalist, simple life, ridding yourself of unwanted possessions and drinking in the fresh, sea air. There’s no other comparable feeling of freedom than sailing across an ocean, with no sight of land or civilization, watching a whale emerge from the depths of the deep blue at sunset, or being covered in a blanket of stars.

If you’ve been sitting at a desk for too long, taking a sailing sabbatical may just be the life-changing experience you need, serving as an opportunity to slow down and truly enjoy your life. It’s a way of making memories with family and friends, appreciating quality time together in remote corners of the world. Plus, with an international sailing community at your fingertips, it’s a means of making new, long-lasting friendships. After this kind of sailing adventure, you’ll never look back.

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