When thinking about renovating their homes, most people focus on the interior space and spice up their living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. And while this is probably the best way to make our living space more welcoming and enjoyable, it’s still not the only thing you need to do be doing. In fact, ignoring the outside area is the worst thing you could do, especially when trying to leave an amazing first impression on your guests. So, if you too wish to make your exterior space cool and amazing, here are a few trendy home makeovers you need to take into consideration this year.

Focus on the curb appeal

This may be the oldest trick in the book, but it’s still one of the most effective ways of making home makeovers stand out. Fixing your curb appeal will show your visitors how detail-oriented, creative and environmentally-aware you are, so give this space your full attention before the spring arrives.

Luckily, adding some curb appeal to your home is easier than it seems at first, and there are lots of ideas you could consider. Replacing your front door, installing new windows, fixing your fence, setting up a new mailbox and keeping your lawn perfect are just some of the ways of introducing a dose of style and elegance into your front yard. Start tackling these projects one by one, and you’ll be surprised by their effect.

Install outdoor lighting

No matter how much time you spend in your outdoor space, installing proper lighting is simply a must due to a number of reasons. Most importantly, it’s a way to keep your home safe and protected against potential burglars. Also, you need it in order to move around your back and front yard more easily without bumping into things you’ve accidentally left there.

However, the biggest benefit of home makeovers with decorative outdoor lighting is purely aesthetic – it’s going to make your home look amazing! It doesn’t really matter if you opt for string lights, light bulbs, or solar lights; your exterior will get a new look, and that’s something you can’t put a price on.

Fix your facade

This might not seem like the easiest project in the world, but fixing your façade is actually much easier than people generally think. You only need to repaint it and fix any problem areas, and all of that can be done in a couple of days. You can even do it on your own – you just need some supportive scaffolding that will help you reach the really high areas, and a few friends who will help you do everything right.

In some cases, touching up the exterior is not always enough or easy to complete as a DIY project. For example, the roof is an important part of the structure, and if there are problems, they can become costly and time-consuming if they are not dealt with properly, by professionals. Take a good look at the exterior of your building and decide what jobs are important, which ones you can do yourself, and which ones will require the help of a professional, such as roofers. 

It’s easy to understand why fixing your façade is such an important project. Firstly, it will make your home appear newer and more visually attractive than before, and that’s one of the ways to feel happier and better every single day. Moreover, it’s a way to keep your exterior fresh and always updated, especially if you use modern materials and painting techniques. Finally, if you insulate your home while fixing your façade as well, you’ll make it more sustainable and thus help the environment quite a lot.

Add a touch of nature

Even if you have the smallest front yard in the world, it’s still worth the effort and work you put into it. Maintaining your lawn regularly is vital –if you know how to do it right – but it’s still not enough. Therefore, you should think about other options too. Basically, anything you plant, from herbs and spices to flowers and trees, will do the trick and make your exterior nicer than ever.

Introducing a touch of greenery into your exterior will make your home even more eco-friendly than it was before, but it’s also going to inspire your neighbors to do the same. They’ll realize how amazing your garden is, and they’ll want one of their own, and that too is a way how we can save the world and preserve it for future generations.

Curbside Exterior Home Makeovers

Introducing more style into your exterior is one of the most exciting ways to make your home nicer and more appealing. Start with these ideas and you’ll soon discover even more ways of doing so.