If you are tired of your career path, then it might be time to look for a new job. Sometimes, you just need something that breaks out of the norm and gives you a new outlook on life. If that sounds like you, then you should consider the four unconventional careers below. Each one could take you down a path you didn’t even know was possible:


Just a decade ago, you would not even hear the name influencer as a real job. You had to work in a communications company or something else in the media. Today, the internet and social media has completely redefined that. If you are good at communicating and can learn new social platforms fast, then there could be a role for you in helping businesses boost their sales as an influencer by recommending products on your social networks.

Skydiving Instructor

How often have you dreamed of doing something you love for a job? There are a lot of people who will gladly spend hundreds of dollars to go skydiving. But there are also people who actually do the opposite. They get paid to do it instead. This is especially true for more obscure versions of it. Accelerated Free Fall, or AFF, is a unique type of skydiving where the instructors are often well compensated for their contributions, along with the perks of being able to do what they are passionate about.

Sports Assistant

Sometimes, when you watch a sports game, you see the camera catch one or two people offering water or towels to the athletes. Some of these people are making higher than the average national wage. What is more, they get to watch games and spend time with professional athletes as a part of their career.

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Selling Jets

When you see all of the airplanes at an airport, what you might not realize is how they got there. Someone has to be responsible for selling all those planes. The demand for salespeople has never been higher. If you sell just one airplane, you could make enough to cover months of living expenses.

Discover Unconventional Careers

When you spend day after day at the same job, it can begin to take a toll on you. You start to wonder what your life would be like if you were doing something different with it. Don’t worry, there are options out there for you. Some of them, you might not even have thought about before. So take a real look at the jobs above you can try.