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Joseph Stanchfield was raised in a Do-It-Yourself home. Growing up, he remodeled houses and always worked on projects that required using his hands to craft things. After graduating high school he joined the Army as a National Guard where he learned how to work with a lathe. Now, he turned his passion for woodworking into a business and is loving every minute of it.


Year born: 1989

Age: 25

City: Gresham, OR

Background: B.A. Music, Pennsylvania State University / Army National Guard – 234th Army Band (2007-present)

Profession: Lathe Woodworker

Tools of the Trade: Jet 12-36 Lathe, Robert Sorby turning tools, Craftman Table Saw, WoodturnerPro software for segmented woodturning

Connect:  Facebook

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Written by Deanna Rae

Deanna is an entrepreneur who started her own photography business, "Deanna Rae Photography", in 2010. She is currently studying Photography and Design in Portland, Oregon.


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