5 Tips And Tricks For Maintaining Tiled Floors

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Tile is a great flooring solution, can be easily cleaned and lasts for years with proper care. Routine maintenance can leave the tiled flooring with an attractive and shiny finish, whereas negligence can ruin the appearance of your freshly installed tiles. This type of flooring is low-maintenance. The cleaning is simpler using carpets on areas with high footfalls as it generally protects the tiles and grout from scratching or discoloration. A few tips for cleaning and maintaining tiled floors can help it last for years to come. Keep reading to know more.

Use doormats and carpeting

The proverbial saying “prevention is better than cure” applies to floorings as well. Asking guests to remove their shoes as they enter your workplace may be the best practice, but the visitors may find it impolite and absurd in the business world. So keeping doormats in entrances of your office and other rooms in it is the best way to go about it. Outside shoes can contain soil, dirt and debris that may scratch the surface of your newly installed tiles. The best way to prevent your floors from scratching and damage is to use carpets in areas prone to risks; this may resolve the issue of any potential scuffs or scratches.Use a soft sweeping brush

Daily cleaning is non-negotiable for maintaining tiled floors. However, one must be careful with using cleaning products. For example, you should prevent using a hard brush for removing soil and debris. When in direct contact with tiles, the hard brush and dirt can ruin the finish of the flooring. Although the easy-to-clean nature of tiles requires less effort when it comes to regular maintenance, some routine help from professionals can assure that your floors will shine for longer. 

Hire professionals for deep cleaning

A professional cleaning company’s use of equipment, techniques and some industry-grade cleaning products like floor scrubbers increases the lifespan of your tiled office floors. The daily sweeping and mopping can leave your floors looking clean and perfect on the surface, but some stubborn stains and blemishes need deep cleaning by experts. Professional cleaners generally first visit your workplace to assess the condition of your floors and check the type of tiles. Then they design a plan of cleaning that can leave your floors looking new. The professionals use methods to remove some microscopic bacteria and germs on wet surfaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Stained grouts often divert from the effect of gleaming floors. Deep cleaning can aid the removal of stains and germs from the thin linings with the help of a soft bristle brush and white pencil erasure.

Repair or replace damaged floors

Scratched or cracked tiles are more susceptible to accumulating dirt. The problematic spots and stubborn stains take away from the beauty of a pristine floor. Repairing tiles with toothpaste or brass polish is imperfect, but replacement is possible with some regrouting. Instant stain removal of spillages can help prevent a permanent stain on the tile. The sooner you get started with cleaning or repairing, the faster you see some positive results. 

Clean grouts

Grout is porous and can absorb moisture. Clean grout linings keep your tiles looking fresh. You can use a stiff nylon brush for the removal of dust and debris from the grout linings. Ensure that your office cleaners practice this cleaning method as often as possible to prevent the grout from darkening. Sealed grout and tiles prevent future stains.


Apart from regular office cleaning, you should also schedule tile floor cleaning as it helps remove minor water stains and assures a deep-down clean. Also, techniques like hot water extractions remove contaminants and pathogens.

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