While the care and services you provide your customers should always be top of the tree when it comes to making sure they have a good experience- your waiting room can do a lot of the heavy lifting.Β 

The waiting room can be many things; it might be where they wait to hear about collaborations, loan applications, the dental work they will need, and first (or subsequent tattoos). Waiting rooms can be a source of comfort, excitement, or upset.Β 

What your clients and customers need will drive how the waiting room needs to be curated in terms of function. But here are a couple of things that can help your waiting room be a positive experience for the user.Β 


Even with the best time management system and staff on your team, there will be times that appointments run over. Almost every patient or person that comes into the waiting room will be interested in using their phone or tablet – and offering free Wi-Fi is a nice touch.Β 

It is also helpful if there are apps for your practice or office to allow visitors to get them quickly.Β 


If you know your clientele, you probably have a good idea of what type of music you should play. There will be a distinct difference between a dental office music playlist and a playlist that you might use in a tattoo parlor. Keep in mind often; you’ll need a PRS (or similar) license to play music – so make sure it is cleared first. Music can help ease nerves and break the silence in a room.Β 

Digital notice

If waiting times are longer, or there are changes to who the visitors might see, a digital notice board makes it easy for people to see updates and will take the pressure off your desk staff to keep answering the same questions.Β 


With so many affordable waiting room furniture options, there is no need for your customers and clients to sit on uncomfortable plastic chairs. Invest in furniture that is easy to clean but, more importantly, comfortable.Β 

Where you only have groups of clients at the same time, a table with high-back padded chairs works nicely, but for office waiting rooms where people don’t know each other, a space between the chairs and single seats is a great option.Β 

Part of people being comfortable in the waiting room is also going to come down to how clean it is. Make sure that you have professional cleaners come in every evening – or early morning to tidy up and disinfect the space.Β 

Make sure that the bathroom is accessible for those in wheelchairs, with mobility issues, and for all genders too.Β 


As a minimum, there should be somewhere where people can get some water. It might be a cooler with cups, or you might choose to have something that is designed for people to refill their water bottles.Β 

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