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Jennifer Hayes began playing the piano as a child, but developed her music career while traveling/busking on the streets. In addition to singing and playing the piano, she is also proficient in ukulele, guitar and the washboard. After co-hosting and playing live sets on the radio at 107.7 WVEW Brattleboro she created her own show.

Her father, a former D.J., was a big influence on her radio career and helped form her appreciation for music from all generations. Being a huge fan of local musicians, and being one herself, Jennifer exposes a new local artist on each of her shows. In addition, she airs live monthly performances with local talent. Known to her audience as DJ Phoenix Noir, Jennifer will soon be launching a Youtube channel called “In the Studio with Phoenix” where she will broadcast live performances and video interviews with guests from her current radio show, The Midnight Sun.


Year born: 1992

Age: 22

City: Montague MA, and Brattleboro VT, USA

Background: Greenfield Community College

Profession: Radio Host & Musician

Tools of the Trade: Microphone, Music, and Magic.

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Instagram

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