South America is one of the most beautiful, and some would say most exciting, continents in the world. When planning your bucket list, this is undoubtedly one of the places you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Why? Consider the majestic waterfalls, the fascinating cultures, the unexplored paths into the Amazon Jungle, and more. When it comes to adventure seeking, there is possibly nowhere better. If you need convincing, consider the following.

A place worthy of exploration

From the aforementioned Amazon Jungles to the lost cities on the famous Inca-Trail, there is much in store for the would-be explorer. Admittedly, you probably shouldn’t go alone, as the hot climate and dangerous wildlife are two reasons why you shouldn’t venture into uncharted territories unless you actually are Indiana Jones himself. Fortunately, there are tour guides waiting to welcome you, such as G Adventures Machu Pichu Travel, who will help you traverse the Inca Trail to the legendary Temple of the Sun. From the ruins of lost cities to the depths of the rainforest, don your explorer’s hat and enjoy the adventure.

A place for wildlife lovers

When it comes to the amazing wildlife, two places, in particular, stand out. For starters, the tropical Amazonian rainforests offer a veritable display of wildlife species, including jaguars, giant otters, anteaters, and spider monkeys. Again, it’s recommended you look for an experienced guide on your Amazon adventure, as you will need to stay safe. Alternatively, you can visit one of the regions animal reserves to get an up close and personal look at the animals. Then you should visit the Galapagos Islands, and scuba dive to see the incredible marine species, including the endangered Green Sea Turtles and a vast array of fish living close to the ocean depths. Whether hiking, exploring, or diving, there is much to see in both these locations.

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A place to celebrate

Enjoy parties? Well, there are some amazing celebrations happening in South America that you won’t want to miss. There are the annual carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, with Samba dancing, grand parade floats, and wonderful music to add flavour to the festival. There are reggae celebrations in Salvador de Bahia and incredible Incan cultural festivals near the city of Cusco. For more information, there are detailed guides to South America’s cultural festivals here, so if you enjoy dancing the night away, take a look and plan them into your itinerary.

A place of history

We have already mentioned the Inca trails, but there is so much more to see for history lovers. Visit Easter Island and check out the giant stone heads which were carved out of volcanic rock many centuries ago. Head to Ouro Preto, a Brazilian city which earned its wealth from the silver mining trade in the late 17th century. Then there are the incredible cathedrals and churches which began when the Conquistadors brought the Catholic faith to the continent. There is much of historical significance, from the cultures that still resonate with bygone tradition to the stunning architecture still on display in buildings and ruins. You will never want to leave.

Add South America to your travels

Whether backpacking or staying in one of the many hotels, there is much on offer for those willing to travel to South America. With spectacular scenery, including the salt flats of Uyuni and the stunning mountain tops in Chile, and the incredible cultures around each region, you really shouldn’t need any further convincing to visit.

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