Naked bike rides, famous donuts, and a popular slogan that perfectly defines the largest city in Oregon. Portland is proud to be weird and welcomes those who want to experience a unique city that truly has something for everyone.

Before booking a trip to Portland you may be wondering, “what makes it so weird?” From pictures you know that Oregon is lined by stunning beaches and covered with vast forest. However, the city of Portland is something to see and experience in itself while visiting the Beaver State.

There are things to do in Portland for every age group and preference, from a wildlife safari to a show to see the oldest drag queen, you’ll never be bored in PDX.

Crazy, fun events

Portland hosts dozens of events each year that attract people from around the country and world. Book your trip around one of these events to experience a fun sense of community while trying something you never thought of doing before.

One of the most popular events is the World Naked Bike Ride, which takes place in cities around the world. However, Portland has one of the largest followings with nearly 10,000 cyclists participating in previous years.

The event is meant to be a protest and call out the importance of biking, something the city is very keen on. The tagline is “as bare as you dare,” meaning dress down as much or as little as you’d like.

What makes Portland different and unique from any other city is its inclusivity and commitment to social change. The city also is home to a variety of artists, singers and talent that chose the creative community as their canvas.

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Another event that is sure to help keep the city weird is the PDX Adult Soap Box Derby. Whether you’re participating or just want to watch the unique creations, it’s encouraged to dress up and get weird.

This event takes place every August to the delight of the audience waiting eagerly to see the unique designs in Mt. Tabor Park. Audience members are encouraged to bring picnics and water balloons to throw at the racers.

These events are just a couple of examples of what makes Portland a fun place to live and visit year-round. The community is open and ready to have a good time, so join in!

Unique personality unlike any other city

The personality and culture in Portland is famously shown in the IFC show Portlandia. Now, many locals may say the show is a bit exaggerated, however, what holds true is the unique personality of those that live and work in Portland.

The most outstanding trait is how proud people are to live in the community. Whether they’re Oregonians for life or decided to move there later in life, they’re all about the Portland lifestyle.

Portland’s neighborhoods each have their own unique personalities that are exciting to explore and get to know on their own.

Belmont is home to the famous bookstores, vintage clothing and furniture and coffee shops that make Portland a hipster’s paradise. The Alberta Arts District is lined with galleries and restaurants and even hosts a vibrant street fair on the last Thursday of every month. Old Town Chinatown is Portland’s original downtown and is home to the Portland Saturday Market.

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It’s easy to go on and on about how these neighborhoods define a weird and special city like Portland. However, you’ll just have to see for yourself why every neighborhood of Portland deserves to be explored.

Portland focuses on local business

Portland wants tourists and locals to shop local, eat local, and be sustainable. What makes it different is the fact that a majority of businesses and residents hold themselves accountable to make this vision a reality.

With a focus on local business comes some of the most popular bookstores, record shops, and places to just relax. The Pearl District is home to Powell’s Books, which claims to be the world’s largest independent bookstore.

The area is also home to Madehere PDX, which sells all stuff made and grown in Portland from soap to chocolate and stationary.

Hawthorne is a great area to get vintage looks for a steal. Vintage Pink and The Red Light Clothing Exchange are two shops that will get you dressing and feeling like a local in no time.

A (serious) food culture

Portlanders are very serious about their food. This includes where the food comes from, the ingredients, and the variety of options offered.

From food trucks to restaurants with offerings from around the world, you’ll have to spend a week here just to chip into the delicious options available.

A trip to Portland is not complete without a stop (or a few stops) to VooDoo Doughnuts, a company known for its eclectic doughnuts and decor.

The city also hosts numerous food festivals where foodies of all types can be in paradise. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or any other variety, there is plenty of mouthwatering options in Portland.

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So, what makes Portland so weird? It’s the people that host the events, own the businesses, and have decided to make a life in Portland. And they can’t wait for you to experience their beautiful and eclectic city for yourself.