Op-ed By Arthur Gary Dorall

It is interesting the way people read part of an article or “scientific report” but fail to read, analyze and absorb all of what they are reading. Often times they find what they think they should believe and ignore the rest of the message. There are people in our government that have a proclivity towards blaming climate change for just about everything, including their own mistakes, except our Earth’s own evolutionary pattern of a change in climate.

Recently, I read that the failure of the Oroville Dam spillway was due to “climate change”.  Really folks, couldn’t the failure be due to a lack of reinforcing steel in the concrete or that the emergency overflow was designed and built to dump the water onto dirt and rock instead of a reinforced concrete apron.

Does climate change cause this or could it be ineptness or another case of “good ole boy” corruption? Are we placing blame in order to divert the real facts?

Case in point.  In an article printed in the April 7 Week magazine and titled “Swallowed by the Sea”, the first paragraphs talk about the “…climate change pushing up global sea levels…” around Tangier Island, VA and the community on the island is one of the first to receive federal money to relocate “…because of climate change”.

Whoa!!! Is that not a cloaking of facts by our government to poison the minds of their constituents? If you read on, “the average elevation of the island is 3 1/2 feet above sea level and the tides have been slowly washing away the island…”, which is now “…only 1/3 the size it was in the 1850s”. Haven’t we been told that “climate change” began with the industrial revolution?

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The article goes on to state that “…the land in the southern Chesapeake Bay has been slowly sinking for thousands of years”.

Further, it is stated “The combination of rising water and sinking land has added up to 1 1/2″ of relative sea level per decade”.  The Army Corp of Engineers are projecting “…that by 2100, the water will rise as much as 6 feet”. Using old-fashion math, that we used before “Common Core”, assuming 83 years between 2017 and 2100, that would be about 16″ not 6 feet (72″).  Thus, exaggerations are used for “scientific” conclusion.

Once again we see a conclusion regarding “climate change” based on jaded opinion, bias, bad math, conjecture, ignorance of physical and historical facts and most likely, computer models.  To a true science mentality, the earth is in a constant state of flux having a crust which is moving laterally as well as sinking and rising, and all this crust is covering a molten fluid ball of iron. The earth’s orbit is decaying and slowly getting closer to the sun.

All the Al Gores in the world will not alter the earth’s evolution.