Today, it’s hard to find an online casino operator that doesn’t offer a range of bonuses to new and existing members. There are so many online casino bonuses to choose from, and some are far more lucrative than others, so how do you know which bonuses might be worth claiming?

Here is everything you need to know about choosing which online casino bonus is right for you, plus a few tips on how you can get the most out of any bonuses you claim.

Are casino bonuses worth claiming?

Yes and no. The majority of casino bonuses are, in fact, worth claiming, especially ones that are offered to you by reputable online casino operators with excellent track records.

It all boils down to choosing the right kind of bonuses that specifically align with the type of player you are.

It’s also about whether you have time to play through any wagering requirements attached to the bonus you have just claimed, and whether players in your country can claim bonuses from a website you may have had your eye on.

When claiming an online casino bonus, the most important thing to remember is to ensure you only ever claim them from fully licensed and regulated online casinos. Never claim them from unlicensed/unregulated sites, especially if the bonus sounds too good to be true because it often will be.

ALWAYS take a minute or so to carefully read through the Ts and Cs because they will explain in much greater detail exactly what you must do to ensure you get the most out of your bonus, and never claim more than one online casino bonus at a time to avoid confusion/

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Too many players today around the world often neglect to read the terms and conditions, which causes them to miss out on their bonus winnings, and can lead to anger or frustration.

They explain which games will help contribute more per $1.00 wagered towards completing your wagering requirements, how much money you must wager before you can start the withdrawal process, and how long you have to complete your wagering requirements.

Bonuses are worth claiming if you can find an online casino bonus with low to medium wagering requirements attached (i.e., no higher than 50x the bonus amount).

You must also be aware that bonus wins are usually capped at a certain amount, which might be $20.00, $100.00, or $500.00, for example. It will all clearly be stated in the Ts and Cs.

The Tcs and Cs will also tell you if any deposit options are excluded from the bonus, which sometimes happens.

For example, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or cryptocurrencies might currently be excluded from certain offers, meaning you could only unlock your bonus by using any of their other accepted online payment methods.

What types of online casino bonuses will I most likely encounter?

There are just a few main types of casino bonuses, including no-deposit bonuses (where you don’t need to deposit to unlock your offer), matching deposit bonuses (where you must make the minimum qualifying deposit to unlock your offer), and free spins bonuses (a certain number of free spins will be dropped into your account to try out selected online slots).

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If you enjoy playing online slot machines, you will probably always want to claim any free spins bonuses a casino operator might be offering you. Matching deposit bonuses are great for all types of players because these give you a much-needed cash injection to play any of your favorite games, not just slots.

If you aren’t keen on playing online slots, perhaps avoid claiming free spins bonuses. Similarly, if you don’t like playing online scratchcards, then avoid claiming free scratchcard offers just out of sheer necessity. Only claim bonuses that you think you will enjoy using.

How to choose which online casino bonus is right for you

When choosing which online casino bonuses might be right for you, try to determine exactly what it is you want from a bonus and what that bonus you are about to claim is offering you.

Here is a recap of some of the most important factors to consider when choosing which casino bonuses to claim are the following:

  • Make sure the casino is fully licensed and regulated
  • Compare online casinos to see which ones are currently offering the best new player welcome bonuses
  • Look for online casino bonuses with low to medium wagering requirements (preferably 0x to 45x times the bonus amount) and avoid claiming them with higher than 50x wagering requirements
  • Only claim one bonus at a time to avoid confusion
  • Read the terms and conditions to ensure there is nothing suspicious or unclear about the bonus you are about to claim
  • Only claim deposit bonuses if you can afford it, and don’t deposit more than you need to (so don’t deposit more than the maximum amount the bonus is worth)
  • Find out how much your bonus winnings are capped at, so you aren’t too shocked if you don’t receive the full winnings
  • Find out which games will help you contribute more towards completing your wagering requirements
  • Find out which online payment methods will qualify you to unlock your bonus
  • Find out how long you have to complete your wagering requirements
  • Find out which games your bonus money can be played on (some games are typically excluded from certain promotional offers)
  • Find out if your bonus/bonus code has an expiration date because if you leave it too long, it might no longer be valid, and you will miss out
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Maximize Your Fun and Safety with Online Casino Bonuses

The other important thing to remember about claiming casino bonuses is to gamble responsibly at all times. This means setting a reasonable budget before you deposit and sticking to safe and secure online casinos like those featured on globally renowned online casino review sites such as Time2Play.

Never sign up for online casinos that don’t have excellent reviews, and only join sites you think you will enjoy playing at.

Finally, have fun when claiming your bonuses. If you get lucky and have bonus money left over in your account after clearing your wagering requirements, those winnings are yours to do as you please.