12 Quirky Measurements You Probably Never Heard Of

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You think you’re pretty educated, but do you know how many Smoots there are in a mile? How many jiffys in a second? How many ponies it will take to get you drunk? Probably not. These are all examples of some of the stranger measurements our bonkers species are using for one thing or another – and many of them are meaningless to those outside of the milieu in which they’re found.

Measurements That Sound Familiar

A jiffy, for example, is the measurement of time between cycles in an electrical current – a frequency of sorts, and one that is directly related to the humming sound you hear from electrical apparatus.

A pony is another word for a half-shot of booze – in other words, 25ml. It was a 19th century term, and refers to the smallness of the glass.

And a Smoot? Well, that may be the greatest story of all. For more details – and a handful of other weird and wonderful measurement words – check out this colorful new infographic from our friends at .

Millennial Magazine- measurements

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Written by G. John Cole

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