Online Gambling: What Keeps Millennials Engaged?

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Online gambling has grown considerably in the past few years. The growth has primarily been fueled by the adoption of online casinos by young people, particularly millennials. Millennials are the first generation to have grown up with technology being so prevalent. 

Therefore, it was a natural consequence that they would be big users of digital devices and the internet, which is where you will find online casinos. 

Many things keep millennials participating in online gambling, including: 

Great Experience

Online gambling is incredible because it gives the gamer the experience of playing casino games right from the comfort of their home. An element of modern online casinos that is helping keep millennials engaged in the experience. 

The website interfaces are very attractive, and they are also very responsive. The imagery casinos use is simple yet appealing. Simplicity and minimalism are excellent characteristics of online casinos. Any casino that has them is all but assured to keep millennial gamblers returning.

Bonuses and Promotions

Though online casinos did not invent the concept of casino bonuses and promotions, they have certainly capitalized on it. Online casinos have fantastic bonuses and promotions that start immediately when players sign up for the casino. There are many bonuses, including deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and cash back bonuses. 

Bonuses will definitely increase engagement by players in online casinos, and players will try to use the rewards to their advantage. When joining an online casino, savvy millennial gamblers will always ask, ‘is bonus bagging allowed?’. 

Continuous promotions by online casinos will also contribute to keeping engagement rates high among millennial gamblers.

Endless Games

The typical online casino has more than five thousand games which gamblers can choose from whenever they please. Such an endless collection of games is bound to keep millennials engaged. 

No physical casino can have that many games due to space limitations, but with online casino games, as long as casinos can get the storage space, they can have as many games as possible. Most people will still play the traditional card and slot games in online casinos.

There are also options to play live games at online casinos now with video streaming, where players can play games against dealers and players from anywhere on the planet. 

However, the option of always having something new to try is extremely attractive and a factor that keeps millennial gamblers coming back for more. 

Human beings are novelty chasing creatures which these casinos provide through their game collections. 


Like traditional casinos, online casinos use human psychology to their advantage. One of the ways they do that is by evoking nostalgic memories in the players. 

It is not an overstatement to say that millennials changed the casino industry. Millennials were young when the online gambling revolution started, and casinos know that. 

Millennials were the first to play digital games on the first PlayStations, Nintendo, and other consoles. Online casinos create games connected to the games millennials played when they were young hence making the players nostalgic. 

They will return to the casino repeatedly to chase that feeling, and very few will ever figure out why.

Interactive Gaming

The internet has changed much about the casino industry, but the most significant change has to be the level of interactiveness. 

People can interact more with their games than they could previously imagine. Online gambling keeps millennials engaged because of their interactiveness. 

Players can speak to the casinos themselves, dealers, and other players as quickly as if they were face-to-face interactions. Moreover, they can do it across a spectrum of devices which means constant connectivity to the gambling sites. 

Social media is another element that has made online casinos more interactive. The ability to post games on sites and connect with other gamblers has made gambling more social than ever. 

Online gambling has continuously kept millennials engaged and interested using various strategies. Inherent features of the platforms have also played a significant part in helping keep them interested. 

Millennials will continue participating in online gambling as long as the casinos keep being creative.

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Written by Brandon Westhoven

Brandon Westhoven is a technology and gaming guru journalist for MiLLENNiAL. When he’s not writing, you can find him mobbing on the dirt bike track.

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