Millennials are the talk of the century and being in the 21st century means they are clued up with technology, internet trends and even though some may argue they don’t have the drive to work, they certainly hold the brightest ideas as to how to make money without putting in the effort. Unfortunately there aren’t too many ways in which anyone for that matter can make money without putting in the hours. This leads us to the question; ‘Do millennials gamble?’

After some investigative research the numbers are in and it turns out that millennials have indeed come up with creative ways of earning quick cash in more entertaining ways than one can imagine, including gaming on pay by phone casino websites. Young people are driven by innovative ways of creating lucrative endeavors and as it so happens, one of these genius money making schemes does indeed involve a bit of side action; gambling. Comparing the statistics of which casino games are most played it would seem that online video slots are the winning ratio.

Video Slots for the Millennial Gambler

With video slots being in the lead for young players of age, it was an interesting enough question to ask which slots are so popular and the audience had their votes counted. Amongst the top ranks which stood out the most were Wolf Run Slot, Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck II, Jumanji, Book of Ra Deluxe and a handful of other trending video slots. It seems the younger generation has more of a preference for optimal graphic displays of colourful themes, interactive user components and smaller bet options, Mega Moolah being the exception. Wolf Run, developed by IGT, can be played without the necessity of downloading the game. The same can be said for the other video slots of the same calibre.

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Table Games for the Millennial Gambler

Table games are decidedly more intricate than simply spinning the reels of your favoured video slots game. Here is where there may actually be hope for the young casino enthusiast aiming to make a living solely in the name of lady luck. Using the same kind of imaginative creations as it takes to invent these types of casino games means that millennials may actually possess the power to out smarten the results of the end game or ultimately turn the odds into their favour. For this incredible discovery to actually come into fruition, young players have been testing their luck at the tables and found success more often than not. Table games have become increasingly popular amongst the 21st century youths and as an end result they have even dragged the odd millennial away from their laptop, mobile device or tablet and thrown them into the dungeons of a gaming hall, better known as their friends private poker evening.

The entrepreneurial millennial will agree that table games can get heated and heavy when the stakes are high, adding heightened pleasure to each game and creating new experiences after each play.

How Gambling on the Move Makes Money

Thanks to the advantageous perks of online gambling, millennials are able to take their favorite money making games with them, access them whenever the mood strikes or when the urgency arises to make some instant cash. It obviously helps that every second millennial possesses a smart device allowing them instant access to these fascinating casino games. The quality of the smart device will either deliver graphics and gaming quality of utmost brilliance or just mediocre quality thanks to the budget allowed on phones or tablets.

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Being able to instantly access your favourite casino games and pick up right where you left off is most likely one of the perks that made mobile gaming such a craze. In addition to convenience, online casinos have made it relevantly easy to signing up and creating accounts with the same incentives as desktop users. Welcome bonuses and sign up deals are readily available to mobile players and if anything, the graphics are just as hot…if not hotter on a mobile device with high resolution graphics.

With all the information gathered over the past few years regarding the course of millennial gambling, it’s no wonder millennials haven’t made gambling a career path as of yet. It remains to be seen if they can dominate the market and live up to their name in this century.