Monaco’s Sumosan Twiga has now moved to the Grimaldi Forum – thereby creating one of Monte Carlo’s hottest new venues, undoubtedly a bold statement in a principality which caters to expensive taste. Monaco’s amazing culinary landscape has naturally evolved out of a need to feed the refined palettes of its multimillionaire residents, Monte Carlo property owners and tourists. Therefore, Sumosan Twiga the brainchild of Billionairelife Group’s, Flavio Briatore and Janina Wolkow, is a natural successor to the old Twiga and its Grimaldi Forum predecessors.

The Food at Sumosan Twiga, Grimaldi Forum

Sumosan Twiga has come along, just when we all thought that Monaco had enough of Asian inspired cum Japanese restaurants in the form of Buddha Bar, Yoshi, MC by Kodera, Maya Bay and Song Qi. However, taking over the space in Grimaldi Forum which was previously exclusively occupied by Sexy Fish, Sumosan Twiga’s offering is an exciting East meets West proposition, delivering exciting Asian fusion alongside cherished Italian classics. And whilst Burrata and Bento-boxes are far from a traditional combination, every dish ordered was nothing short of impressive – a culinary feat of unusual symbiosis achieved through the work of two seperate chefs, each focusing on their own respective cuisine.

Millennial Magazine- Twiga Grimaldi forum

Of particular distinction were the maki sushi rolls, with the Twiga’s signature Billionaire Roll not to be missed, pairing Wagyu and black truffle in exquisite matrimony and the zingy truffle T&T roll offering more lavish truffley goodness, fit for the Monaco customer. From the Italian dishes, the carpaccio of San Remo gamberoni displayed a sweet briny flavour, unadulterated by unnecessary pairings and the tagliata was an imposing (if somewhat standard) nod to an Italian classic, for clients seeking classic Mediterranean flavour.

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The Sumosan menu also boasts the signature dishes popularised by its long revered London sister restaurant – Sumosan, originally on Albemarle Street but having recently relocated to Sloane Street, in a similar Briatore rebrand. Not to be missed are the Sumosan stalwarts of the lobster salad, classic Alaskan Black miso cod and truffle hamachi tiradito – providing a veritable explosion of flavour and complexity and a nod to the loyal clientele splitting their time between London and Monaco.

The bar menu is similarly refined, serving sophisticated cocktails alongside fine Italian wines, Aperol Spritzes and sweet Japanese plum wine. Unsurprisingly, the prices are pretty punchy. For a party of 4 with drinks the dinner bill came to around 700 Euros – but after all, it is a venture by the Billionairelife Group – so there’s no use pretending that you didn’t know what you were signing up for.

Millennial Magazine- Twiga Grimaldi forum

Twiga – the Club at Grimaldi Forum

As the night wears on Twiga transforms into a club, taking on Jimmyz Monte Carlo (and to a lesser degree Sass Cafe) for the mantle of Monaco’s hottest night out. Refreshingly, the DJ caters to all age-groups playing everything from 80’s disco classics to mid 2000s RnB tunes. The champagne is in full flow and the line of supercars outside the venue stretches all the way up the Avenue de Princesse Grace, whilst the calm Mediterranean twinkles in the distance – outshone only by the glint of the diamonds on the patrons.