Many people are unfamiliar with the names of Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu, where they came from, or their use and purpose. For anyone who has seen Bruce Lee movies, the Karate Kid, or enjoyed the TV Show Texas Walker, a hero played by Chuck Norris, then you have already seen the incredible energy that these entertainment super heroes demonstrate when they fight the bad guys. Movement and reactions that defy what we believe is normal. Reiki and Jin Shin also have this incredible energy, power, and depth that can be used to fight “your pain, stress, and anxiety” which often defies modern medicine.

Japanese Origins

Both Reiki and Jin Shin originate from Japan, and have been given to us by spiritual masters or Sensei’s whom display great compassion for people. In the early part of the 1900s, interestingly, both Reiki and Jin Shin were brought to the United States by very compassionate women. Reiki was the revitalized healing by hand from Dr. Usui also know as Mikao Usui or Usui Sensei, reverently honored by those, like myself, who are under his lineage of training in Reiki. Almost a secret healing tradition, Usui Sensei kept most of his knowledge for the Japanese people, unwilling to share with outsiders.

However, an American Japanese woman from Hawaii visiting Japan for the funeral of her sister, Mrs. Takata, or Takata Sensei, suffering terrible health conditions managed to bring it out of Japan. Mrs. Takata, upon meeting some of the Reiki practitioners, who were able to diagnose her the same as the large hospital complexes of those times; she opted to go with Reiki treatment, and it was an incredible success. She so wanted to learn this super power of Reiki. Takata Sensei managed to convince Usui Sensei to allow her to study with him and learn the power of Reiki. She did this by sitting on the stairs to his door every day until he gave in and let her in. Takata Sensei who began treating people when she returned to Hawaii, brought the Reiki disciplines to the United States, and that is how it was passed down to me. Reiki is a game changer especially for chronic health problems.

An alternative to prescription pain medications

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, alternative medicine or treatment for serious conditions, by the practitioners use of ‘hands on’ healing or the energy from the palm of the hand that contains a “universal energy” that transfers to the patient with direct correlation to the pain location, inflamed body systems, or placed on a correlation to organs of the body. This energy is powerful. Reiki addresses the illness and trauma for people when all other medicine has been exhausted.

The use of Reiki can’t be just one treatment for a serious illness which will require many treatments. But one Reiki treatment for anxiety or stress will give an incredible burst of renewal to mind and body, and in my case, get you excited about a shift in your health outcome. I remember my first treatment of Reiki. It changed me on such a deep level.

A healing energy

Jin Shin, translated means person of consciousness and compassion. Shin refers to creator, and Jyutsu means the practice of or dedication. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a practice that helps to harmonize and balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of people. This practice involves prescribed sequences of light touch on specific areas of the body to restore the harmonious flow of life energy. Very much like Reiki, it was revived in the early 1900s by Japanese Sensei Jiro Murai, as he was translating the old writings, Kojiki, that instructed the use of energy for healing.

Sensei Murai then trained others, including Mary Burmeister, an American Japanese, who is responsible for bringing this healing art to the United States. What is valuable about Jin Shin, is that it works very well when self applied. You train in Jin Shin, then practice it on yourself or give relief to others. It is instant non-invasive medical relief for situations that require treatment. When you are out of balance with the focus of your mind or stress on the physical body, use one of the hand pressure points to open up the channels of blood and lymphatic fluid. It works well for complimenting chemo, recovering from a broken bone, auto-injury recovery, greatly needed mental overload. The use is very broad in it’s powerful healing ability.

There are many trained individuals in both these ‘super hero’ treatments. Reiki and Jin Shin, both very affordable and accessible in most communities. Training isn’t quite as affordable as it once was, when we were all one generation away from the Sensei, however, you can devote time to learning these masterful healing arts should this super power connect to your spirit.

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For chronic, deep pain

I recommend Reiki for conditions that are chronic, deep into muscle or tissue, case of emotional setbacks, referring to impediment of career, broken relationships or breakups, loss of a partner, or burnout of running the household. Mental situations that are breaking down the health. Reiki works for the problems that are going to take time to recover.

A Reiki Master that can schedule the commitment to stay with the patient over a course of 6 months to 2 years is recommended for immune diagnosis, auto accidents, brain injuries, organ surgeries, PTSD, survivors from violence, and emotional trauma. In general, fees per visit range from $35 an hour to about $75 an hour, making this very affordable even for those on a small or fixed income. That is one more powerful thing about Reiki, it can work for all kinds of people and animals also.

One last comment to add strength and power to Reiki as a super hero, Reiki will release pain for people in hospice. Reiki, like a super hero, watches over the person, the whole person from beginning to end, to allow the spirit and soul to thrive in every stage of life.

For daily life support

I recommend Jin Shin for conditions that are acute; temporarily twisting an ankle, knee pain from gardening, minor office or dental surgeries, or when emotions are setbacks from difficult treatment by others, like co-workers, relatives, neighbors, where communication has been poor. Jin Shin works when the healing needs a boost but would eventually recover.

The power in Jin Shin is to recover faster. Jin Shin energy healing is an excellent tool for a family person, who is looking out after little ones, or aging ones in the home. Works really well on special needs people. The regular use of Jin Shin brings better emotional support to the daily life of a person, as it eases the down time of pain and the stress time at night. It offers the opportunity to avoid excess pain killers or other pharmaceutical derivatives that are harmful on the liver and body organs.

Jin Shin is the walking first aid kit, making it a super hero that is always available. Jin Shin also has the ability to release pain for people in hospice, making Jin Shin Arts from beginning to end, holding the spirit and mind together. Practitioners in Jin Shin range from Free via a Jin Shin Training workshop, to about $75 for a 1⁄2 hour of treatment. Treatment is usually one to three visits.

The forever super hero is “you”.

You are special and come with good handling instructions. The super heroes Reiki and Jin Shin are going to deliver good handling for your lifetime. Take time for you and take time to heal when needed. Live in Joy!