Viken Arman is part of a generation of artists that reinvents electronic music by using past inspirations to discover new musical territory.

Growing up with Jazz and classical music, he finds his path through a plethora of artists, who are varied and surprising, such as Keith Jarett, Erik Satie, Bill Evans, Trentemoller, Jay Dilla, Ricardo Villalobos, Léo Ferré, Oum Kalthoum as well as a great number of oriental musicians. His knowledge of piano learn studying at a music conservatory, bestow him with a wide musical taste and an artistic ease that helps develop his tracks.

History, as it applies to his heritage, constitute an important source of inspiration. “Never forget, never, but stay turned towards the future, rebuild yourself and go forward” he said regarding TIME, the 100 minute musical creation that he composed for the 100th year anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

Viken is also very active behind the scenes. He is the founder of Denature Records, a record label that allows him to fully express himself and convey his values by producing young talent throughout the world. He is most known within the European electronic community as a promoter, being at the origin of numerous festivals and events (SOUK, Paris Rooftop Festival, Open Space, Minimal Trip etc).

His music is engrained with ethnical influences and reveals the passionate explorer that he embodies. For the rest, this dreamer continues to furrow the world searching for new aspirations.

Who knows, maybe one day you will cross his path…

If you could play your music anywhere to any audience… Where and who?

I think it would be on the Armenian Mountains in front of the Sevan Lake with all my family, friends and everyone who would like to join. This little corner of paradise is so inspiring for me. I guess it would be a timeless moment.

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Geek question: Which music production tool/toy/accessory/input would you most like to have but don’t already and why?

I love traditional instruments. I would love to have a Kanun. It’s a string instrument played in much of the Middle East. It is a type of large zither with a narrow trapezoidal soundboard. Strings are stretched over a single bridge poised on fish-skins on one end, attached to tuning pegs at the other end. The sound is unique! Each instrument is handcrafted from top-quality woods and materials. It’s not just an instrument, it’s a real work of art. I don’t have it already because it is somewhat impossible to find it in music shops.

I am going to Armenia this summer so I will buy it over there!

Why do you think that Viken Arman’s sound has been received so well by so many people in such a short space of time?

To be honest I have no explanation for this. I think my sound is a bit new to most people. It’s a mix of electronic and traditional sounds. I’m trying to tell a story when I’m playing live. I guess nowadays people want to party differently. That’s the reason why when they are listening to a kind of new organic type of sound in the clubs the vibe differs considerably from the others.

How are you spending your birthday this year?

In Paradise. I will be in Hawaii playing live with a bunch of friends at the Isle 9 Festival … Probably the best birthday ever. Location and music will be awesome. Sounds like a dream. Nothing to add. Really looking forward!

US Tour

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  • March 11th : Salt Lake City
  • March 16th : Miami
  • March 20th : San Diego
  • March 26th : Hawaii
  • April 2nd : Los Angeles
  • April 16th : New York

To learn more about Viken Arman, follow him on Soundcloud and listen to the mix below.