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Jacob Groening

Jacob Groening belongs to the big deep and tech-house sphere.With influences from many styles of electronic music, he enriches his sets with a “little...
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DJ and producer part of the Isle 9 Collective. Rampue’s sound – to the first impression – evokes the image of Berlin during...
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Goldschall and Rausch

Goldschall & Rausch are a surreal intergender Space-Techno act wandering through the universe, whirling up your brain wires while spectralizing your reality. The intergalactic...
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A unique musician with inherent character who combines the tribal sound of old cultures with modern instruments and the influence of music from around...
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Wide Awake

WIDE AWAKE is a live electronic music trio featuring Niju and N!nze & Okaxy Syndicat. Together, they produce unique slow house music, which they...
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