Goldschall and Rausch are a surreal intergender Space-Techno act wandering through the universe, whirling up your brain wires while spectralizing your reality. The intergalactic fusion of bewildered dance floor ecstasy in a mystical rush of golden rain is what the audience expects. Mind trip included!

How did Goldschall and Rausch come to be?

We’ve known each other for quite some years now and we have shared a passion for electronic music the whole time. At one point of our shared odyssey we ended up on a little magical festival in a mountain area in the middle of Germany. We had this shiny golden cloth with us that completely put us into this gold rush or “Goldrausch”. Inspired by the German poet Goethe’s saying “Namen sind Schall und Rauch“, which means “What’s in a name?” we ended up with the self-made phrase Goldschall and Rausch.

Some time later when Berlin’s music was at its peak of cheesiness, we got the feeling that the electronic music scene was lacking some “proper” Techno. Very motivated and with the support of our DJ friends we decided that we could fuse our heads into a team to fill up this hole in the local scene and in the same moment it was clear to us that Goldschall & Rausch should be our artist name!

Which influences have been most important for you musically?

Most inspiring has been the vibrant Berlin club, open air and festival scene where we have spent a lot of time during the years dancing ecstatically to different electronic music sounds. Producers similar to Len Faki and Matador got us more fixed on the progressive Techno highway. The sounds of the 60s and 70s is probably one of the main roots of our path too, so it quickly comes down to bands like The Doors, Pink Floyd and the more avant-garde slices of the Beatles.

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Avant-garde and experimental pieces have been opening our minds to psychedelic approaches on different genres, i.e. Stoner, Kraut & Space Rock or Jazz added their flavours. In the end our greatest influence might be that we keep the gates to our musical experience horizon wide open in all directions. Keeps life spicy and enriches what we pour through the speakers on the dancefloor.

What is the story behind the beautiful look of G & R?

We both share a passion for exotic ornaments, psychedelic patterns and a great love for gold as already mentioned. But also we are worshippers of surrealism on every level. Hunting for treasure boxes all around and digging for the pearls is our dedication. Put all together in a mixer and as a result we appear with a topping of glittering weirdness!

Describe the most powerful experience you have had as G & R at an open air festival.

Imagine in a little enchanted festival, we are directly playing on the beach facing the water of the Baltic Sea. The sun is rising on the horizon, presenting itself in the most magnificent colours offering a unique light show to our techno beat. Back to back with the sun, sharing this moment all together with the dancefloor and a proper technoid sound brings up goose bumps every time we think about it!