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Born in the deep and wide Thuringian forest in the middle of Germany, Ludwig Völker, aka. DWIG, was one of the first artists to join of the Weimarian Giegling record label. His live set combines deep, melodic, and atmospheric house with an attitude for jazzy hip-hop beats from the 90s.

After releasing his second album “From Here to There” in 2015, he proves his passion for the special magic moments lives on the dance floor.

1. What makes a DWIG music production different from all the rest?

I don’t know if there are great differences in my music productions in comparison to others, I just use my laptop and some analog stuff for recording and producing my music. But for sure, I try to put my personal thoughts and feelings into my music, which hopefully almost everybody who makes music also does…. in other words making music with passion.

2. Which influences have been most important for you musically?

I think there were a lot of influences from a lot of directions, because music always had a strong connection to my life. This began at my parent’s house, up to the point where I am now. To make a statement about the most important influences I would say there are a thousand small but very important ones.

3. What would surprise us about Dwig? 

That he is giving an interview.

4. Where would you love to have your music played? 

 Everywhere, if i am not in the room, unless I am the DJ.

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Written by Julia Hulme

Julia Hulme is originally from England, but has resided in Berlin, Germany since 2009. She runs a series of underground events featuring Berlin's most loved deep house & techno DJs. Julia is the producer of a new open air festival coming to Hawaii called Isle 9, which fuses Pacific vibes with the Berlin Open Air culture.

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