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DJ and producer of the Isle 9 Collective.

Rampue’s sound – to the first impression – evokes the image of Berlin during a warm summer day. But if you listen closely, while dancing to one of his live sets, something happens inside you. You can’t decide whether you want to dance or listen intensely to what Rampue is creating and nesting between soulful vocals, deep bass lines and accurate high hat placement.

While Keta-Disco and Disco-House might be the genre associated with Rampue, he is continuously experimenting with new sounds and evolving as an artist.

1. What is it about the music you produce that identifies it as Rampue? 

I don’t really know. I’m just doing what I feel like. The dreamy, slightly poppy sound with beautiful voices and the slow tempo is just my thing.

2. Berlin and Rampue – how does this affair run?

Perfect. I always wanted to live in a large city and in my opinion Berlin is the best one in Germany. It immediately put a spell on me.

3. Name your three favorite sounds.

A warm piano. Vinyl crackling. Silence.

4. What aspect of your love for music would surprise us?

I’ve got a thing for extremely hard & dark music. My brother showed me lots of darkwave, industrial and noise. Musicians like Haus Arafna are still fascinating me today.

Live at Asylum Afterhours in Honolulu, Oahu.

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Rampue hopes to perform on Hawai’i again for the Isle 9 Project in 2017 – keep up to date with Isle 9’s events in the Pacific and in Europe here:

And in case you will be on Oahu this spring, Isle 9 are inviting their friends and supporters to join them for an open air gathering on 26-27 March. Get your invitation here:

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Written by Julia Hulme

Julia Hulme is originally from England, but has resided in Berlin, Germany since 2009. She runs a series of underground events featuring Berlin's most loved deep house & techno DJs. Julia is the producer of a new open air festival coming to Hawaii called Isle 9, which fuses Pacific vibes with the Berlin Open Air culture.

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