Ah, Paris, la ville de l’amour.

It’s not hard to fall in love with Paris. And just a short walk from the Eiffel Tower, the iconic symbol of love itself, sits Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel & Spa, a beautiful boutique discretely hidden along a residential street in the 7th Arrondissment of Paris.

Situated in the most expensive neighborhood in the city, Le Narcisse Blanc sits behind a stunning 19th century Haussmannian-style building. The hotel offers a refreshing sense of Parisian elegance inspired by one of the city’s most renown 20th century muses, Cléo de Mérode.

The polished ambiance reflects the true quality of this 5-star hotel. With bespoke design and a gracious concierge, Le Narcisse Blanc is a gem for those looking to have a luxurious local experience. In the lobby, calming crèmes and defining black marble set the tone for refined glamour while soft rose petal pinks accent the atrium lounge inviting guests to relax upon arrival.

But the hotel is so much more than just a tasteful place to stay. The establishment was crafted as a nostalgic glimpse into to the Belle Époque of France, a time marked by optimism, peace, economic prosperity, technological advancements and cultural innovation.

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The Little Narcisse Herself…Cléo de Mérode.

The owner of Le Narcisse Blanc designed the hotel with the idea of telling a story. Cléo de Mérode was an aristocratic ballerina, who during the early 1900s, had become the muse of Parisian artistry. Much like Coco Chanel, Cléo was a modernist and a contemporary woman for her time. She was often referred to as the “Pretty Little Narcisse” for her delicate yet poised personality.

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Using her energy as inspiration for the hotel, Le Narcisse Blanc is an interpretation of who Cléo would be in the modern era. Photos of her 21st century self dressed in Alexander McQueen adorn the walls as she welcomes you into her 37-room Haussmann-styled home. A 10-table Bistronomy kitchen run by a tattooed head chef sits in the back of the lobby, while serenity awaits in the underground lagoon complete with an indoor pool and spa. Contemporary furniture in feminine colors and soft materials grace each lounge and guest room, bringing out the classic Parisian décor.

This hotel is not your traditional boutique as it embodies all the prestige you would expect from a large corporate brand. From the vaulted ceilings and comfortably sized rooms to the royal spa treatments and unbeatable service, Le Narcisse Blanc sets the bar high for a new level of expectancy from boutiques.

Supporting the Neighbors of Le Narcisse Blanc

Le Narcisse Blanc defines locality in all that they do. Flowers, replaced once per week, are sourced from the florist next door. Pastries are brought in fresh everyday from the bakery down the street. All the furniture and decorative items are commissioned from local and regional craftsmen. Everything about this hotel is a direct reflection of its neighborhood, and offers a true look into Parisian life.

The hotel is especially wonderful for business travelers as the location and atmosphere offers privacy, proximity, and quite. If you’re looking for the best room, book suite #501, as you will enjoy views of the Eiffel Tower straight from your bed and shower! Complete with expansive natural rustic wooden beams and a cozy fireplace that separates the living room from the bedroom, this suite is a perfect business retreat.

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Made with haute couture vision, each guest room is styled differently, particularly placing the details in the nuances. You can even see Cléo’s famed pearl necklace beaded into the walls. If one word could describe this perfectly manicured boutique hotel, it would be precision.

Le Narcisse Blanc brilliantly invites guests back into the golden era of Paris while pampering them with modern sophistication. To book your stay or learn more about the ultimate Parisian hideaway, visit LeNarcisseBlanc.com