What are millennials’ core values? Creativity and self-expression. And how do millennials express their personality? By taking photos of their brunch, of course!

Joking. Millennials are sometimes ridiculed for their supposedly sentimental attachment to “moments”, but they should really be seen as a generation looking for new ways to make their lives meaningful – and this usually means ways more profound and lasting than just a photo put on social media.

To take just one example, thousands of millennials across the US have shown an appetite for personalized home decor like custom canvas prints. So what’s behind this trend? Is custom wall art a passing craze or an important new lifestyle statement? Millennial Magazine investigates.

Millennials Love Art – But Can They Buy It?

Traditionally, people expressed their character and style through paintings and other artworks displayed in their homes. And even today, when it seems we’re living in an age of lifeless mass-designed interiors, few things work better as a focal point of your room than a unique piece of art.

But art is expensive, and as we know all too well, millennials are the brokest generation. The debate continues as to whether this is mainly due to the wider economic turmoil or to young people’s excessive spending on light meals – but whatever the reason, buying art will be pretty challenging for most millennials. So is there a workable alternative? Yes there is!

An Affordable Decor Solution – Canvas Prints

While art is so expensive as to be unaffordable for many people, other wall decor is available at much friendlier prices. We asked CANVASDISCOUNT, one of the biggest printing providers in the USA, which wall decor formats Americans prefer these days.

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Their answer was unambiguous – personalized canvas prints dominate the wall art market. And these days millennials are the largest consumer group, so it’s safe to conclude that a good chunk of the 10,000,000 canvas prints sold so far by CANVASDISCOUNT went to millennials’ homes.

So why are canvas prints all the rage?

Why Canvas?

The abundance of print formats these days is striking. While our parents’ and grandparents’ generations only had photo albums and framed photos, we can get our photos printed almost any way we want. Classic framed photos are still available, for sure.

But there are also quirky new formats such as canvas prints, metal prints, prints on wood, acrylic panels…the list goes on and on. So with so many options for millennials to enjoy, what makes canvas prints stand out?

Here’s our take. Canvas prints became beloved wall art for millennials because they fit the lifestyle of this generation perfectly.

Unlike a classic framed picture, canvas prints don’t come with a heavy frame and glass cover. Borderless, lightweight canvas prints are perfectly in line with the nomadic millennial lifestyle.

What’s more, canvas prints aren’t just another wall art format. They can be displayed nearly anywhere. Thanks to their sturdy inner frame, you can lean canvas prints against any vertical surface – think empty shelf space, mantelpieces, work desks, anywhere that would benefit from a vibrant decor feature. And for millennials – rightly considered the generation of eternal renters – home decor that doesn’t require serious DIY has obvious advantages.

Canvas Prints That You Can Afford

Ready to try the appeal of canvas prints for yourself? There’s no need to visit the nearest art shop. In fact there’s no need to leave home at all! Thanks to online printing services you can design a striking new feature for your home in just a few minutes – and at an affordable price too.

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Millennial Mag has teamed up with CANVASDISCOUNT to give you an opportunity to try out canvas prints at millennial-friendly prices. Here’s how to do it.

Use code MILLENNIAL15 for a 15% discount on canvas prints at CANVASDISCOUNT.com – valid until December 31st 2022.

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The offer is valid on all canvas prints (decor frames not included) until the end of 2022, and the code can be used multiple times, so why not get personalized canvas prints for your loved ones too!