The road to living a healthier life can be a rocky one. Many of us are faced with the daunting task of getting up and going to the gym. Finding the right exercise can be nerve-wracking. You want to find a fun exercise that motivates you and makes you feel good, but it can be hard to choose from a multitude of different options. To help with that we’ve created a list that explores how certain exercises can transform into a fun activity for you and your friends.

Fun Exercise to Make You Forget You Are Working Out

Exercise elevates your heart rate and helps build muscle. A good workout doesn’t always have to mean going to the gym and running on the treadmill. It can be something simpler that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Finding a fun exercise can boost your morale and get you to work even harder. Here are some suggestions of ways to exercise without realizing it:

Hiking with Friends – You can see incredible sceneries with your buddies while walking through miles of various elevations. Your companions can also motivate you to push forward and reach new heights every time you hike.

Dancing – Swing, Hip-Hop, Zumba, Tango, Flamenco, Salsa Dancing. Most of these dancing styles will give you a great workout and leave you drenched in sweat. Pole dancing classes are also a popular way that women can work out while showing off some sexy moves.

Rock Climbing – Rock climbing can be a fun workout that will help you get stronger. You can build your arm muscle as you race your friends to the top of each new, challenging rock wall.

Martial Arts – Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, or Cappeira can all be fun ways to get a good workout while feeling like a badass. The fast, powerful, and fluid movements will surely get your blood pumping and give you a surge of energy.

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Millennial Magazine - Frisbee fun exercise

Frisbee – Getting together at the park or beach with a group of your friends is always a great way to spend the day. You can play catch, start a game of football, or throw around the Frisbee. You might also want to try the newly popular disc golf where individual players throw a Frisbee towards a target.

Gymnastics – Ever wonder why gymnasts have such incredible, muscular figures? Handstands, cartwheels, somersaults, and all kinds of flips can build serious arm and core strength if you are up for the challenge.

Yoga – Many have found solace through the combination of meditation and exercise. The popular practice of yoga not only provides a relaxing escape, but will also help build flexibility and strength. The different poses will engage your core and tighten your shoulders as you focus on the soothing rhythms of your breathing.

Video Games – Certain video games are trying to incorporate more interactive, work out themed games such as Wii Tennis, Wii Fit, or Just Dance. The Wii workout series allows you to mimic actions performed in live sports, such as swinging a tennis racket. A similar method is implemented in the Just Dance game, where you have to mimic the dance moves of the on-screen avatar. These games have ultimately become so popular because they allow you to stay active without leaving the comfort of your own living room.

Rec League – If you are new in town or want to meet a new group of people, then joining a kickball or softball league could be the right fit for you. It’s easy to do too. Just go to Find Sports Now to type in your zip code and what kind of activity you are looking for.

Millennial Magazine - biking with friends

Biking – Not only will you save money on gas if you start biking more, but it is also a good workout that will keep you active and allow you to get in some cardio without having to invest in a gym membership. With a regular bike riding schedule, you can become a lean, fat-burning machine.

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Play a Game – Remember childhood games like Freeze Tag or Capture the Flag? If you are feeling a little playful, try bringing back these games that had us running around for hours when we were younger.

Rowing – Moving against water will strengthen and tone muscles from your fingers to your toes while looking at beautiful views on lakes, rivers, or reservoirs. You can also get out on the water with friends or bigger groups of people who enjoy the activity. Additionally, if you enjoy the workout you get from rowing but don’t have time to take your boat to the lake, there are also the indoor erg rowing machine that promotes immense muscle endurance.Karaoke Workouts – Ever think that your singing in the shower could turn into a workout? Now it can with this new karaoke television screen attached to a cycling bike. It’s a cardio workout combined with karaoke. The goal is to pedal in synch with the beat of the soundtrack. Many cyclists can really feel the burn through their lungs and quads as they belt out to their favorite tunes.

Playground Workout – What some see as a playground, others see as a gym. A growing number of workout centered “playgrounds” are sprouting up such as Venice Beach’s Muscle Beach Gym. From pull-ups to tricep dips, the jungle gym can provide a wide variety of workout options.

Hula Hopping – Hula hoops are showing up an accessory more and more in gyms. A good 30 minute workout can be the equivalent of doing 500 sit-ups (How Stuff Works). Switching up your workout with some hula hooping can help tighten your thighs and gluteus.

Millennial Magazine - surfing

Surfing – If you really enjoy water sports, then surfing might become a great workout for you. Moving against the current and riding the waves will help build your upper body strength. Paddle boarding is becoming another popular activity related to surfing that allows riders to tackle much smaller waves. Overall, both activities are a great source of cardio.

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Trampoline Workout – Bouncing around on a trampoline was another good way to pass the time when we were younger. However, trampoline workouts can be a good aerobic exercise too! It can be particularly convenient for those with knee problems with its low-impact cardio. The jumping movements will also force you to engage your core abdomen muscles.

Walk the Dog – A fun way for you and your pooch to get in some cardio. Your dog can provide good social support, and will never skip an exercise session on you. It can also be a nice way for you and your companion to explore the neighborhood or find new, fun locations that you can discover together.

Start Today

By finding a fun exercise that appears to be the right fit for you, you can get rid of the notion many of us have – “I don’t like to exercise.” Motivate yourself to become active by finding an exercise that you can truly appreciate and enjoy. “There isn’t enough time in the day” or “I don’t have enough money for a gym membership” isn’t a good excuse anymore. There are numerous ways to get a good workout all around you. You can make time for exercise during your busy schedule if you really want to.

The important thing is to not be afraid to try something new and challenge yourself. Maybe try to commit to a new fun exercise for the next six weeks or implement a new activity into your workout each month. Getting yourself to go for it is the first step.