The Fat Jewish Creates Rosé Brand PINK Party for Millennial Women

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You might not expect a company that introduced the first sparkling rosé in a can to add a champagne bottle to their portfolio in only two years, but that’s exactly what SWISH has done. Cofounded by Tanner Cohen and David Oliver Cohen, along with Josh Ostrovsky, more commonly known as The Fat Jew, SWISH has extended its already impressive selection with the release of Pink Party Rosé with Bubbles. The new offering had a star-studded release party, but it’s Millennial women who are now driving its popularity.

Champagne and Millennial Women

Champagne has long been viewed as a special-occasion alcoholic beverage, but new rosé offerings have quickly changed this. In fact, 60 percent of Millennials enjoy champagne year-round, and 41 percent have actually partaken in the last month. SWISH’s canned offering, Babe Rosé with Bubbles, no doubt helped in this popularity increase, considering it sold more than 1 million units in its first year.

Their canned champagne wasn’t the first offering from SWISH, but with only two years having passed since its founding, how has it already generated $15 million in retail revenue?

It’s driven largely by Millennial women’s desire for authentic brands. Authenticity is exactly what SWISH has gone for. It doesn’t offer products just for celebratory purposes. Pink Party Rosé with Bubbles is great throughout the year.

Pink Party Rosé in the Social Media Age

Pink Party Rosé with Bubbles has proven to be the quickest selling product from SWISH, and Millennial women have certainly played a big part in this. The rosé is currently the most photographed alcohol on Instagram. What’s the significance of this? It turns out that nearly 70 percent of all Instagram users are female, and 59 percent of Millennials are on the social site.

Of course, it probably didn’t hurt that the release party for Pink Party Rosé with Bubbles was on a yacht with the likes of RHONY Dorinda Medley, Diplo and media outlets that included BRAVO TV. SWISH also boasts a social media following of 15 million, so there’s little doubt that the drink was primed to be accepted and celebrated by female Millennials.

What’s Next for SWISH?

SWISH currently has products available in 23 states in America, but this number will swell to 37 by the end of 2018. After the success of Pink Party Rosé with Bubbles, the company also plans to release its second canned wine in 2018.

The company has quickly found success in American and overseas markets, and there’s no indication that their upward mobility will end any time soon. Whether it’s the notes of honeydew and cantaloupe in PINK PARTY Rosé or the enjoyment of sipping sparkling rosé from a can, SWISH has certainly tapped into something that Millennial women have long desired.

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Written by Millennial Staff

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