Investment in property has always been a big deal, bringing with it the potential for significant financial gain and a sustainable lifestyle, as well as immense contentment. Investors, however, are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of social and environmental factors when it comes to choosing that perfect property and, more than ever before, are turning to sustainable living and the properties that meet such criteria in an attempt to do their bit for the good of the planet.

What is sustainable property?

Sustainable properties and those that can be considered environmentally friendly stand apart from regular construction projects in a number of ways, including the regulations that must be followed, the construction methods used and the clear results that can be seen as positive impacts on the environment.

Things like double and even triple glazing, loft and cavity wall insulation, water and waste disposal and management, solar panels and alternative forms of energy are carefully considered at all stages. Sustainable properties are built to last, and to create an as little impact on their environment as possible. Potential investors should take the time to get acquainted with the property they are buying and research its eco-credentials. If that all looks good, and there is evidence that all building regulations have been met, Visio Lending can help you get into the market.

Why go into sustainable property investment?

Sustainable property is a rapidly-growing area. Nonetheless, it is likely to be many years before supply meets demand, which means that investing in eco-friendly properties could now produce excellent returns over a long period of time, especially because sustainable properties tend to attract higher monthly rents.

For investors who want to do renovations themselves, another choice is to buy a property that needs fixing up and build an eco-friendly thermal insulation house with productive white goods, solar panels, and new windows.

Of course, it is not just residential properties that can benefit from energy conservation and sustainability. Commercial premises, ranging from warehouses and factories to offices and retail shops, must also be energy efficient. 

In the coming years, regulations will put more pressure on real estate investors, making it no longer an option to be energy efficient. Because of this, it makes sense to be one step ahead of the game and choose properties that will meet these new regulations.

Why Investors Can Help

Property investors are prime candidates to push forward change and help create a more sustainable environment. They can help to achieve this by implementing a responsible investment strategy across their holdings, which focuses on improving environmental efficiency. The benefits of this are significant for all involved: portfolios that stay ahead of policy changes, operating costs are minimized, and properties owned by the investor are less likely to suffer a decline in value due to stagnation, and an energy-efficient asset is much more desirable to tenants. It is a win all round!

Property owners and investors yield a lot of power. Use it wisely to help in the fight against climate change – and boost your profits as well.