The 2010s: How This Decade Has Been Defined By Technology

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Before 2010, technology was making some rapid changes that anyone who had lived in the 20th Century definitely recognized. However, have you taken a moment to realize how far we have come since 2010? In this decade, there have been quite a few advances in technology that have forever changed the way that we live our lives. For instance, some of the things we take for granted today such as social media, Bluetooth connectivity and high definition television have all come about in just the past few years. Let’s look closer at how this decade has been defined by the technology it has produced in just four ways:

People Don’t Use Phones to Talk Anymore

Although cell phones were already changing the market, the iPhone changed everything. The first iPhone came out in 2007, and it changed the way that people viewed their mobile devices and needs. Today, landlines are relatively obsolete, and an increasing number of people use their phones to watch television or make purchases from online retailers. In the past year or two, phones have been adapted as virtual reality devices, which is thought to be the first step toward augmented reality and beyond.

Most Devices Are Connected to the Internet

Your computer isn’t the only device that is connected to the internet anymore. Most likely, your video game console, your television and even your appliances can pick up a WiFi signal and use it to send and receive information. This has made it easier to store or transfer data wherever you go as well as control connected devices from wherever you have access to an internet connection. In fact, with how much of our life is now on the internet, we wouldn’t be able to function otherwise. It is how we do our banking, pay for things at the store, clock in at work, and even play video games.

Don’t Worry About Forgetting to Lock Your Doors

Smart technology has changed the way that people think about running their homes. If you forgot to lock your doors, you can lock them by pushing a button on your smartphone. You can also change the settings on your thermostat, get a live video feed from inside your house or get notifications when your kids come home from school. In some cases, you can even open and close doors with your phone, which means no more losing your house keys. This type of technology also allows you to be alerted if someone is trying to break into your home. You can then see them, and have the police called.

Technology Will Be the Hot Field for Students

Over the next several years and decades to come, computer programming and other technical majors, such as those with a master’s degree in electrical engineering, will be among the most popular. This is because those who understand how to use and develop technology will be the ones who create the next big product or possess the skills that employers want.

The last several years have seen technology impact our lives in numerous ways, and it is likely that technology will define our lives even more going forward. While no one can be sure what new creations are on the horizon, you can be sure that the human quest to learn about and control his or her environment will never be stopped.

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Written by Hannah Whittenly

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She graduated from the University of California-Sacramento with a degree in Journalism.

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