“So You Got Fired” Here are 6 Dos & Donts To Get You Back In the Door

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Whether you expected it or didn’t expect it – getting fired sucks. But, as my parents used to say, “it’s not the end of the world!” I was fired too and I thought that my job was going great. Ya know, young millennial in the work place, everyone likes you, and you get to work in an office. It was all good just a week ago, right?

Don’t fret, luckily we’ve put together Do’s and Don’ts when in this weird phase in your life to get you right back on track:

Do: Take One Day to Sulk

  • It. Out. Get those negative demons out of you!
  • Sulking is good for you to address your emotions, assess how you feel about what has just transpired, and to let your mind free so that you can conquer the next day.
  • Allow yourself to feel terrible for a day, then flush out all of the negativity via hitting the gym, meditating, etc. You’re a warrior!

Don’t: Stay In The House

  • Once you have things to do, like run errands, do laundry, send out mail, walk the dog, go to the gym and etc. it’ll let your mind run free and get your mind busy again of the positive future.
  • Staying at home is comfortable and often leads to falling back into your comfy mindset of “I’ll do it tomorrow, it can wait, or I should eat a whole pizza”.

Do: Get Back in the Gym

  • “Get swole on these folks!” Studies show that exercising helps your body produce positive hormones and relieves stress. That’s exactly what you need right now. Those abs look good with a new paycheck, trust me!
  • Plus, when you get back in the workforce, you’ll have shed a couple pounds, improved your diet, and improved your health. Why not? You might even find your next soulmate.
  • Side note: if you like to meditate, this is a great time to improve your focus, be thankful for what you have, and to remain calm.
  • You should use the Calm app to meditate it has free sessions. There are others similar to Calm, like Headspace.

Don’t: Start That Business (YET (out of being desperate for cash))

  • Listen, we know you think this is a great time to start your t-shirt line, but please don’t! We’re not telling you to avoid starting your company, because you should, but investing large amounts of money when you don’t have consistent money income is a bad idea. Plus, we know your t-shirt company is going to be great. Let us know how we can support!
  • What you should do, however, is start putting together creative ideas for when you are ready to launch! When you get that new job you’ll have consistent income and enough money to put aside to launch your business the right way.
  • Studies show that 50% of businesses fail in their first year, and after that 95% fail within 5 years. To our previous point, don’t get desperate for cash and start thinking that investing more money into uncertainty is wise.

Do: Make A Plan (to Get Back Into the Work Force)

  • Make a plan for your days ahead! We use the Google calendar to put things on the calendar such as gym, “apply to jobs” time, graphic design, mixing, writing, meditation and etc.
  • Organize your life! Finding a job is an actual job. With your new free time (yay!), you have more time to apply to jobs and invest time into your hobbies. Make this your job so you don’t feel like you’re wasting away in this job hunt.

Don’t: Get Dirty

  • Stay Clean folks! Many millennials turn to their (drug/illegal) vices to cope with negative circumstances, we get it, but more and more jobs are starting to drug test nowadays.
  • The only thing worse than losing a job is losing a job because you failed a drug test AND having that failed drug test go on your record. Yikes!
  • Plus, a clear mind is a strong mind.

Do: Reassess Your Budget

  • Now is a better time than ever to cut out those unnecessary costs that you have. All of that beer and pizza you buy starts to add up when you look at your bank account!
  • Start creating a list of expenses that you need to purchase to survive. This can be a food budget, gas budget, or whatever you need. This is helpful so that you can track costs and cut out what you don’t need.
  • Plus, when you get back into the workforce, you will have a disciplined budget (which is even better with more money).
  • To organize your budget, use Mint to manage income, bank accounts, 401k, savings and everything else. You can link almost any account that you have to have a great picture of your budget and net worth.
    • There are other tools like Personal Capital and more that are similar to Mint.

Do: Kill ‘Em With The Style!

  • What does that mean? Exactly what it says, have you ever heard the phrase – “look good, feel good”? It’s true, confidence is key, but positivity is a major key. When you walk out of the house looking good, you will also feel good, which translates into your brain’s subconscious motion to release positive hormones – which translates into happiness and improved mood.
  • At this point in your life, all you need is more positivity, and we’re here for it.

Do: Apply to Jobs

  • Obviously, right? Seriously, finding a job is a full time job. Most importantly though, don’t drain yourself by sitting at the computer for 10 hours. Plan the amount of jobs that you plan to apply to.
  • I forced myself to apply to 10-20 jobs a day online. In 5 days, I applied to 50-100 jobs that I was qualified for. It’s a process, but it takes work nonetheless. I always say, “Man there’s no way I can apply to 100 jobs and not get a least one interview, right?” Exactly.
  • Use Ziprecruiter, Indeed, Careerbuilder, Beyond, LinkedIn, and Monster to apply for jobs.
    • Sidenote, there are many other ways to make ends meet in today’s world. If you have a car, you can drive Lyft or Uber. You can browse job boards for baby sitters or pet-sitters, you can become a delivery driver – there are many ways to skin a cat!

How does that Tupac song go? “Keep Your Head Up!” We’re sitting here rooting for you! And we’re sure your friends and family are too, keep yourself disciplined, keep yourself organized, and stay busy! Before you know it, you’ll be in your next job, and all of your worries will be gone.

Thank me later!

What do you think?

Written by Justin Morgan

My name is Justin Morgan; like many millennials, I do a lot in my spare time! I am recently engaged, I work in IT, I am a signed model, and I do graphic design. My passions are positive vibes, giving advice, and entrepreneurship.

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