In the market, you can buy several different types of menstruation products these days. From tampons and period discs to menstruation cups, sanitary pads, and period underwear are the most popular alternatives available to shop both offline and online. 

However, among all such items, period underwear is becoming significantly popular. And the reason for this is that period underwear is just like the comfy regular panties ladies like to wear on a daily basis.

Period underwear comes in such a design that it has multiple layers of moisture-absorbent polyester. Just as regular panties are used for daily wearing, period panties work just the same. But, the only exception about period panties is that you get to wear them during the menstruation cycle. The moisture-absorbent lining is soft and absorbs a lot of menstrual blood while ensuring no moisture is leaked out.

We will now dive into the facts about period underwear that make it a better choice over other one-time-use period products.

Saving the Environment from Degradation

Research suggests that a single woman wears up to 15000 menstruation pads or other period products in her lifetime on average. This number combined with the different packaging in which period supplies are packed turns into a huge junk load on the environment.

If we objectively look at it, this much junk load causes considerable damage to the environment. All the damage is caused in the form of waste material that takes many years to decompose. Once used, period pads and plastic packaging goes out to be dumped in landfills – which can take up to centuries to decompose, causing a long-lasting negative impact on the environment.

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On the other hand, period underwear is easily decomposed in the environment because of its biodegrading properties. By simply choosing to use period panties over tampons and cups, you can contribute a lot towards conserving the environment.

Easy to Use Regularly

Wearing period panties is no rocket science, and it is easy and straightforward to put them on and carry on with your day. You can compare the feeling with that of putting on a regular pair of undies.

All you need to be comfortable with is the fact that your panty is soaking up blood. With the ongoing awareness, a lot of ladies are now buying period undies as their top choice of inners during a menstrual cycle. This way they do not have to fiddle around with discomforting tampons.

Save More Money

When individual ladies buy different period supplies, it costs them a lot of money in the long run. However, the period panties are reusable. And this means you do not have to buy new period underwear when the menstrual cycle comes back the next month.

A Very Regular and Natural Feeling

As mentioned above, the feeling of wearing period underwear is no different than wearing regular underwear. And both are just so similar that they feel exactly the same. The only distinction here is that the period underwear is ought to be used during the period of the menstrual cycle.

The inner lining or layering of polyester is so soft that it feels extremely comfortable and easy unlike other menstruation-related products on the market. Period panties are carefully designed to create the feeling of a regular inner-fit, while performing the function of a menstruation product.

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Wide Style and Color Options

If you’re someone that has never experienced wearing period panties, then the number of options available will make up your mind. 

You may be thinking that period underwear comes in bland colors and limited designs. But the reality is that period underwear also come in many exciting colors and designs just as regular panties. Period panties are just like any other type of panty that’s both stylish and appealing in color.  

Offer Supreme Comfort

The problem with pads and other menstruation products is that wearing them and carrying out daily activities is often uncomforting. Such products are way too much of a hassle for ladies of all ages, due to lack of options or unawareness, they continue to wear such products. Also, many ladies are bulky and feel completely unnatural wearing such uncomfortable period items.

Whereas, the topmost priority in a period panty is protection with a sense of comfort. And when women are comfortable wearing period undies, their confidence naturally boosts and they feel good about themselves no matter what. The relaxed feeling of wearing something just like a regular panty is freeing for many women. And keeping this in view, period panties are designed to prevent discomforts of menstruation.