Getting the itch to eat out? Trying to avoid the grocery store? Need an easy night in the kitchen? We feel your quarantine hunger pains. That’s why, we’re turning to meal kit deliveries to get us through these in between moments, and perhaps, form a new at-home habit.

Planning your meals is as nice as it sounds when someone else is doing the work. And that’s exactly where meal kits come in handy!  Not only do you get time back from the grocery store, but depending on the meal prep service, you’ll save yourself time thinking of what to have, cooking, and then cleaning up after.

With the global shutdown in full effect for most areas of the country, we thought it was a good time to take a look at this trendy new service.

Our Meal Kit Deliveries Picks:

Millennial magazine - SunBasket

Photo courtesy of Sun Basket

Sun Basket

Sun Basket has become a premiere leader in meal kit deliveries, especially after partnering with William Sonoma. But what separates Sun Basket from the rest is their customization of meal prep. Unlike other services that only offer one way for the food to arrive, Sun Basket gives you various cooking options based on your weekly schedule. Choose to have your ingredients oven ready, prepped for cooking, or in their raw state.

Another nice quality about Sun Basket is that they cater to all dietary preferences, offering everything from Keto and Pescatarian to Gluten Free and Vegan. They are unique in crafting ways to make their menu appealing to everyone. And additionally provide breakfast, lunch, and snack kits as part of your weekly options.

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This is a great service that allows you to flow with your mood. Choose to cook everything yourself, or get a little help on the prep. At $10.99 per meal, their portions are considerably larger than the competition, making them the unbeatable choice for meal kit deliveries.

Our favorite part!? Sun Basket’s packaging is fully recyclable and compostable! They even have a dedicated portion of their website to revealing what their packaging is made of, and inspiring ways to reuse the materials.

Be sure to check out their site and follow their IG for some daily food for thought.

Millennial Magazine - Freshly-b

Photo courtesy of Freshly


Ready to have someone else cook? Head over to Freshly for ready-to-go meal kit deliveries! It’s as if you are ordering off a restaurant menu when looking at your choices on their site, because entrées come as you seem them. Choose the meals that look the most appetizing, set your week’s quantity, and get excited for your delivery.

We love Freshly for their food philosophy: Be sugar conscious. Eat fewer processed foods. And consume more nutrients. Each meal is well-balanced, combining complex carbs, nutrient rich ingredients, healthy fats, and quality proteins into a single serving. But vegans and vegetarians beware, Freshly does not cater to restrictive diets. You’ll want to skip ahead…

Freshly is our pick for the best take-out alternative, and it beats the Postmates price. Meals are as low as $7.99 when you order 12 and as high as $11.50 when you order four per week. While we’re not exactly advocating for microwave dinners, we are suggesting you take a night (or two) off the heavy lifting.

Millennial Magazine - PurpleCarrot

Photo courtesy of Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot

For our plant-based friends, we couldn’t leave this list void of our favorite vegan option! Purple Carrot does a great job of providing deliciously healthy meals while educating their consumers on plant-based facts. Get a colorful entree and a fun food statistic. This company really pays attention to the details and for that we love them!

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Blind taste tests, surprising samples, chef tips and tricks, contests…Purple Carrot leaves its audience with never ending breadcrumbs. Plan on spending $50-60 per week for three complete meals that can feed two to four people. Their meal kit deliveries also provide breakfast, lunch, and snack options for an additional weekly fee.

Head over to their site now to claim your $20 off first order deal.