At this point during quarantine, you’re probably thinking “when the heck is life going to return to normal?” Our prediction is soon but slowly, so in the meantime, let’s make life in the kitchen a bit easier. Now that the excitement of making your own bread has subsided, the desire for sliced bread, aka, things to be easy again, is back.

For that reason, we wanted to share some of the must-have cooking essentials to make your life in the kitchen a breeze. The following kitchen gadgets will indeed turn your home chef life into one that rivals the pros. Watch out Master Chef, we’re coming in hot!

Photo courtesy of Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge Pro-Grid Reversible Grill

If you have a BBQ, you can skip to #2, but for those of us who aren’t granted such luxury, we recommend the next best thing. The Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill will be a game-changer for anyone looking for a good char from the stove on your proteins and veggies.

Some of the great benefits of having a cast iron portable grill top are that not only can you place it over your gas stove, but you can use it on campfires or charcoal barbecues. And it’s nice that the grill flips over to a griddle on the other side. Just be prepared for the physical weight of this kitchen gadget. Cast irons are known to be heavy! And it can be a bit of a nuisance to clean. We recommend learning how to properly care for your cast iron to prevent it from rusting. At just under $50, this portable grill top will last the home chef a lifetime!

Millennial Magazine - Instant-pot-surlatable

Photo courtesy of Sur La Table

Instant Pot 

The Instant Pot has become a recent kitchen phenomenon as an all-in-one gadget. Its versatility is unparalleled. You can pressure cook, crockpot, steam veggies, make rice, and even make your own yogurt! You’ll be amazed at what you can set and forget with this device. Head over to Pinterest for some recipe inspiration on how best to use the Instant Pot.

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Save on dishes when you put a full meal to cook in the pot, close the lid, walk away, return, and serve. It’s literally that easy, and for about $70, it’s a must-have item for the home chef looking for a quick night in the kitchen.

Photo courtesy of Vitamix


It should come as no surprise that we had to put the best blender ever invented on this list! The Vitamix, for those who don’t know, is a high-performance blender that created the gold-standard for their class among the home chef community. Ultra-powerful and multifaceted, this blender can pulverize everything from coffee beans to nuts and is used for making the best smoothies, soups, and ice creams.

Be prepared to be set back about $350 for a standard size Vitamix, but it’s well worth the investment to make your life a lot easier (and fun!) in the kitchen. Rest assured, Vitamix has one of the best customer service programs in the business, and offers a 10-year warranty with purchase, ensuring those smoothies are perfect for years to come.