Why 9/11 Is A Defining Moment For Millennials

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9/11, also known as September 11 attacks, was a series of airplane hijacking and suicide attacks by a terrorist group, Al-Queda, against the United States back in 2001. Many people perished in the event. Some of those who survived the tragedy find it challenging to live their life either because of the disabilities they sustained or overwhelming depression from their loved ones who passed away. 

The United States Federal Government provided the (World Trade Center) WTC victim fund to aid the attack victims. To prevent terrorist attacks from happening again, Former President George Bush declared war against terrorism, mobilizing the United States Army to put Al-Queda to justice. Other allied countries like France, Great Britain, and Canada condemned the attack and started supporting the cause. 

A millennial may find this topic boring because it is a historical matter and take the issue as if it has nothing to do with them since the event happened long ago. Others may find it irrelevant because they are not from the United States in the first place. Nonetheless, 9/11 is a symbolic event for the youth—regardless of race, gender, and culture.  

Consider checking out why 9/11 is a defining moment for them:

9/11 Can Give Youth A Sense Of Purpose To Fight For Peace

By 2011, Former President Barrack Obama announced before the world that they had finally eliminated Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Queda, after a military operation. Even so, world leaders know that the fight against terrorism is far from over. Al-Queda still stands as a threat to world peace, and other militant groups express similar motives. 

9/11 may have happened long ago, but similar attacks can happen anytime. And the damage they might cause can be devastating if the government and its people are not prepared to fight against it. The 9/11 attacks are tragic, but it also reminds everyone, including the millennials, that there is nothing good that can come out of outright violence. 

According to reports, 2977 people died during the attacks, and 6000 more were injured. Many individuals lost their families. Many children had their bright futures taken away. All these were lost only to spread fear and chaos.  

A millennial can carry out the valuable lessons of 9/11, starting from being empathic with others and realizing that fighting is acceptable as long as you’re doing so for peace. Outright violence, after all, is not limited to using firearms and bombs against civilians. It may include other instances like the brutality of bullying. Bullying can happen at work, at school, and even online. They must consider using their talents not to hurt others but to protect the innocent and the weak against oppressors while they’re young. That principle will help them become better people.  

9/11 Can Ignite Millennials Patriotism

Millennials are citizens of a sovereign state. The state takes care of its subject with the help of its government’s laws and security forces. They are also responsible for making education accessible to everyone and making more career opportunities available. As state members, millennials are expected to love their country and protect its sovereignty.  

Unfortunately, many millennials are complacent because of the internet and modern technology. Others become apathetic to social issues and seem more interested in other leisure.   

Millennials’ indifference about their state can change once they know the story of 9/11. Studies show that inspiring stories can change the behavior of a person. The lesson only needs to be retold entertainingly—perhaps presenting it via real-time documentation will do. According to 2012 statistics, 76% of millennials are visual learners. 

9/11 can awaken the millennials’ love of country in the form of patriotism, not nationalism. According to the late Sydney Harris, a renowned American Journalist, the difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, while the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does. When applied to the 9/11 attacks, it implies that citizens, like millennials, must be aware of their country’s shortcomings while retaining their confidence to keep up with the challenges that break their nation’s sovereignty.  


The 9/11 attacks were a series of attacks against the United States by the Terrorist group Al-Queda. The tragic event may have happened long ago. Still, it’s a defining moment for the millennials because 9/11 is a story with valuable lessons they must carry out to become great people. It shall remain an unforgettable chapter of the World’s History and not put the lives of military and civilians alike in vain.

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Written by Marni E. Goldberg

Marni E. Goldberg is a journalist covering the financial market and graduate of Wharton School of Business. She loves cooking, travelling in her spare time, and spending quality time with her family.

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