The search for a rehabilitation facility can be overwhelming as there are many factors to take into consideration. It can be hard to navigate what can feel like an endless stream of criteria, but finding a good quality rehab facility can mean the difference between continuing your unhealthy habits and making a total recovery, once and for all. Aside from the more obvious factors to consider, such as price and location, there are other equally important factors you have to consider.

Here are 7 qualities to look for in a rehabilitation facility.

1. A Good Reputation

First things first, any facility that you are considering must have a good reputation. Your recovery is of the utmost importance and so there is no point wasting your time looking into places with mediocre reviews and recovery rates. The best way to work out how good a reputation of a facility is to check out reviews online.

Be sure to cross-reference reviews over multiple sites if you can as that way you won’t fall victim to believing fake reviews. Check out the facilities website and see how long they have been up and running, as you do not want to check into a place that has been around for five minutes and are still trying to work itself out.

2. A Serene Environment

Rehabilitation centers are effective for many reasons, however, one of these reasons is because it takes the individual out of their home/work environment as those places will have countless triggers around them. So, during the early stages of recovery, it is beneficial to be a place that cuts out any of these potential triggers.

Research has shown that a serene environment provided by visiting a Luxury Rehab can make a huge difference in recovery as it minimizes environmental triggers and gives the individual a chance to reconnect with nature. When considering your options, be sure to see what the grounds and accommodation are like so you are giving yourself the best chance of recovery possible.

3. Quality And Variety Of Programs

The quality and variety of programs offered by a facility are one of the most important things to consider. Many centers offer generalized programs to treat drug addiction as opposed to having more specified programs that focus on the root of the addiction. One size does not fit all and this is important to acknowledge when researching centers.

Addiction will look different in every person and programs need to reflect this by offering programs that are built and designed for differing needs. It is why finding a program that takes your needs into account will give you the greatest chance of success. Thus start doing your own research and don’t feel bad if an existing treatment doesn’t suit your individual needs – sometimes, it’s just a matter of trying again and finding the right rehab for you. It is also important to see what activities they offer outside of your typical treatment programs.

For instance, some rehabilitation centers offer day trips, safaris, and spa treatments. Ideally, you want to find a place that has solid treatment programs but also other activities that can help you free yourself and enjoy yourself while you are there.

4. A Strong Sense Of Community

Addiction is not an acute disease and the person suffering from it needs a strong foundation of support. Ideally, you want to find a rehabilitation facility that offers alumni programs, group therapy and the option of socializing with others. This is important as it helps you to rebuild the social skills and confidence that you may have lost. Recovery is a slow process and research has shown that if a person has a support base or community that they can rely on then they are far less likely to relapse.

While at first the idea of having to socialize with strangers can be quite intimidating, there is a sense of comfort that comes with being around people who are going through the same thing as yourself. You get to be in an environment that is a judgement-free zone and that is not something to be underestimated.

5. Staff Credentials

Usually rehabilitation centers will make their staff credentials’ very clear on their websites, pamphlets, business cards and so on. Pay attention to this because these are the people who will be treating you and helping you recover. If a facility is unclear about what credentials their staff has then you might want to consider other options. You need to be treated by appropriately trained staff and so it is worth investing the time into researching the staff at different centers.

You want therapy and treatment services to be administered by appropriately trained individuals. Depending on your needs, some staff members are trained with more experience in one area, for instant alcoholism. Specialized staff is ideal because as we have mentioned addiction cannot be treated with a one-size fits all approach.

6. Tailored Treatment Plans

To give yourself the best chance at recovery you want to find a facility that can offer you a tailored treatment plan. The facility you decide to use should give you a thorough evaluation to gain a comprehensive understanding of what you need. It is important that you are treated as a person and not as an addiction. A tailored treatment plan gives you the best chance at long term and sustainable recovery.

7. Aftercare Options

This last point is very important as the better rehab facilities will offer each patient an aftercare plan. Once you are discharged there are going to be a lot of triggers and an after plan will help you face these challenges. It is essential that you find a facility that has a plan in place for recovering individuals and this plan can include:

Even if you think that you may not want to continue with outpatient treatment, it is vital that you have it offered to you as you may change your mind. Providing aftercare also reflects well on a facility as it shows that they genuinely care about you and will treat you as a human and not a client.

Finding a rehabilitation centre that is right for your needs is essential for long-lasting recovery. It is worth investing the time to conduct thorough research to help you find a treatment program that is reputable and best suits your needs.