Swarovski hasn’t been your typical “run out to buy” jewelry designer. For years, it’s been thought of as the brand behind special occasions gifts. But now, the brand is stepping into the 21st century with a hot new collection of designer-chic wearables, and has teamed up with MisFit to start selling one of the coolest tracking lines on the market.

Since the explosion of FitBit, activity trackers have not been designed with aesthetics in mind…especially for ladies who want to look good. But times are changing and wearables have finally become fashionable! For the first time, you can track your activity while wearing stylish bracelets and necklaces.

Swarovski has released four ultra classy looks in their latest collection. The Slake Deluxe and Cardoon models provide a trendy accessory to any wrist, while the Serora Activity Crystal and the Vio Activity are two stellar examples of the big picture vision behind this technology. The new Activity Tracking line ranges from $169-199.

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How it Works

First download the Swarovski App. Then pop the crystal out from the piece it is in and place it on your phone’s screen. This will sync up the device and activate the LED lights that surround the crystal, indicating the sensor has been initiated. Like most wearables, the crystal itself will measure your steps, calorie burn, distance and sleep.

Each model comes with a fitness band as well, so you can continue to wear it while working out. The one downside, however, is the inability to track your progress in real time on your wrist. You need to check back in with the app to view your results.

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But there are so many other cool features that make up for it! Like never having to charge the battery. Every four months you can replace the CR2025 coin cell that operates the sensor (available to buy at any drug, hardware, or electronic retailer).

Editor’s Choice:

Slake Deluxe

This one-of-a-kind bracelet features a lightweight faux leather Alcantara® fabric multi-band, embellished with signature Swarovski crystals and fastened with a snap closure. The bracelet comes in three colors: blue, gold, and black. For everyday use, we recommend the black!

On top of being a nice addition to your wardrobe, with the tap of your finger, the Slake Deluxe crystal also functions as a On/Off controller for your music player, acts a selfie button, and notifies you through vibration and lights when a call or text is being received.

Before you know it, Swarovski’s Activity Trackers will be that piece of jewelry you never take off.

To learn more or buy your own, visit your nearest Swarovski boutique or go to Swarovski.com.