Happiness might be relative, but if there’s ONE thing that all generations agree with: it’s that experiences make up a huge part of what makes people happy. Millennials in particular are one of the biggest spenders in the experience and travel industry.

According to one source, 200,000 millennial tourists generate about $180 billion in revenue for the tourism sector alone. In fact, 23 percent of them prefer traveling abroad more than generations before them. If this trend continues, millennials could contribute trillions in profit for the travel industry in just a few years’ time.

Although this age group is taking frequent trips, they still struggle with common challenges, such as financing and employment. After all, they need to earn a living to provide for themselves. So how can an average millennial see the world on a budget?

Here are four ways to slowly tick off one thing at a time from your travel bucket list – starting this year.

1. Study abroad.

If you’re a recent college graduate, you may want to further your studies in another country. Studying abroad presents many perks, one of which is getting to experience the culture and people of that destination more comprehensively than if you simply went there as a tourist.

There are several options for studying abroad, depending on your goal. If you want to get your Master’s Degree, there are universities in top cities that offer courses in English. For those who want to learn a second or third language, there’s nothing like staying in a foreign country for a year or more to really master the local tongue.

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2. Consider red-eye flights.

Red-eye flights are basically overnight or late-night flights. Most people tend to avoid them because the schedules are a pain and no one really likes to sleep aboard an aircraft. However, if you’re not really bothered with this, there are certain advantages to taking red-eye flights if you want to complete your travel bucket list.

One great benefit to taking red-eyes is that you save money. Although the time of flight is inconvenient, you typically get cheaper fares. Plus, flying at night means you arrive at your destination by day. This saves you overnight hotel stays and gives you more time to experience the local sights.

3. Cruise and shore excursions.

Looking for a way to hit multiple destinations at once? Cruise holidays with accompanying shore excursions will let you do just that. Instead of booking multiple flights to several destinations, a cruise trip typically will cover a week of stops to popular tourist locations. This not only saves you cash, it’s also less stressful than regular airplane rides.

Imagine snorkeling in Barbados and Belize today, shopping at Freeport and Grenada tomorrow, then topping it all off with city tours in Florida or New York City. From exciting Caribbean shore excursions to adventure packages in Alaska, a cruise will help you tick items off your Bucket List faster than other travel options.

4. Take advantage of company perks and/or sabbaticals.

If are currently employed, you’ll be surprised by how many companies offer travel perks to their employees. For those on a job hunt, you may want to consider researching employee benefits before applying to your firm of choice. If traveling is important to you or is a huge aspect of your lifestyle, aligning your objectives with your future career is a wise move.

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Adobe, for example, is one company that gives sabbaticals to qualified employees. A sabbatical is paid time off, which can be used for various activities such as travel. Most employees who take sabbaticals are in it for rest and relaxation, but also for growth and reflection.

If there’s one thing that millennials are doing right when it comes to traveling, it’s that they seize every opportunity that comes their way. Unlike years before when flights and cruises are expensive, today’s industries realize that most people want to enjoy life while they’re young.

Don’t wait until the last minute to check off things from your travel Bucket List. Find the methods that suit you best and get out there in 2016!