Traveling is one of life’s best enjoyments as you get to see the world and go on adventures. It makes you grow in a way you could never imagine because you get exposed to different cultures. Each place has its traditions and beliefs that you can learn from and evolve. On the other hand, to travel, you have to spend money on accommodation, plane tickets, and sightseeing. Fortunately, you can take a tour of various beautiful cities and still not empty your pockets. We will introduce you to some cheap ways that will help make your traveling dreams come true in 2020.

Sign Up for a Travel Rewards Program

Several airlines are adopting loyalty programs where you can earn a flight ticket. These programs give points based on how much you spend. You can sign up for one of them if you plan on traveling in the far future because it takes some time to collect the needed credit. It is free to apply, and you will earn bonus points merely by joining one of the rewards programs.

They are not only limited to airlines, but some hotels also have them. They will offer you points on various purchases, which make you earn faster. You must open an account first, but make sure you use a bank that doesn’t require a transaction fee.

Search for the Lowest Flight Ticket

Let’s agree that your experience won’t be affected by the type of plane you use. No matter how little you pay for your ticket, you will still reach your destination. Therefore, you should search every site for the cheapest but reliable airline. Some platforms collect tickets and sell them for lower prices, so those are the first places you need to check. A pro tip is to plan early for the trip because the earlier you purchase a ticket, the cheaper it is. After getting the best deal, you need to focus on limiting your luggage because if they weigh a lot, you will pay additional fees at the airport.

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Choose Cheap Locations

Going anywhere on the first few trips won’t matter because you have not been outside of your country. Pick the affordable cities that have magnificent places to visit. To settle on the best cheap vacation ideas, do your research and see how much the accommodation and food cost. Another point to check is the value of your currency compared to the target city’s, because sometimes, even if the place is cheap, you may be unable to afford it if their currency is a lot higher than yours.

Vietnam is one of the cheapest places where you can stay in good hotels and eat local food for little money. It is underrated, and people tend to visit Sapa and Ha Long Bay only. If you are an adventurer that likes to discover caves, Phong Nha is a hotspot.

Have you heard of the Baltic States that offer Scandinavian vibes mixed with Slavic Europe? They resemble Finland a lot because they have lakes, cabins, and snow. They are also well-known for their vodka and locally-made beers.

In case you love to hike, the small country called Tbilisi in the Caucasus in Georgia may be the place to go. It has stunning mountains where you can spend hours climbing and watch the sunset from the top. This area is famous for the Soviet architectural buildings made from Georgian wood. All of that and your wallet won’t cry out for help because you will still have a lot of cash left after your visit.

Try to Stay at a Free or Minimal Fee Place

Staying somewhere for a small fee, and sometimes even for free is something you don’t come across often, but it is doable!. For instance, target a country where a family member or a friend lives and ask them to accommodate you. The next best thing to not paying a penny is that you will have an insider who will tell you about the interesting locations to visit. They can also accompany you while gift shopping for high-quality items.

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In case you have no one living abroad, some websites connect you with hosts that offer a free couch for you to sleep. However, search well in advance so you can end up with nice people and great offers. Another option is to swap your house with someone living in your target destination. If the free trial is not working, you can stay at a hostel, which is an affordable option.

Cook Your Meals

Any place you will stay in will have a kitchen, and it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. The whole point is to cook your meals to curb your dining expenses because some places have expensive food. You can try the city’s most significant dish, but don’t make a habit out of eating outside because you’ll find that you’ll be saving a ton of money by cooking your own meals.

Join Exchange or Volunteering Programs

If you cannot afford to spend a lot of time away from home and your job because your monthly salary is crucial, apply for an exchange or volunteering programs. Some organizations request volunteers or workers to travel abroad where they are needed. If you don’t want to be paid for the work, they may offer you free accommodation and food, which removes a huge burden off your shoulders.

However, if you want to earn money while discovering new places, you can apply for a job that lasts from one to three months. It is a great opportunity because you will learn how to work in a foreign country under different circumstances and authorities. If you are still a student, some exchange programs will be available where you can learn and roam the country.

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We are not saying that you can go anywhere and that money is not significant because that’s not the truth. However, you can always find a way to lower your expenses and go to the country of your dreams. Determination and early planning can make almost anything work out the way you want. The above tips will give you some ideas on how to travel in 2020 without going bankrupt.