There is a lot of pressure on a lot of online casinos to ensure that they are doing their right checks and due diligence. And at the same time, they are doing everything they can to ensure that their players are doing all they can to ensure that their login details and information are safe and away from prying eyes with password protection.

You may have even seen it before when you’ve logged onto an online casino website for the first time, where they prompt you if you want to opt for logging in with biometrics. e.g., your fingerprint instead of the typical password and/or pin. So why is it that there is so much pressure on online casinos to get you to log in with payID or with your fingerprint? Well, read on to find out.

Benefits of Using Biometrics Over Password Protection

So online crypto casinos such as are very keen on getting their players to log in for biometrics for many reasons.

The first is that they know they are encouraging their players to be secure and keep their information secure. This way, they know that they are logging into their accounts and nobody else is. It also provides benefits to them.

For example, if their players log in using biometrics as opposed to logging in with a password, they know the players are being truthful. There has been an abundance of people in recent years who have used false details to launder money. However, using biometrics, they know it’s not somebody else trying to log in under their account.

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It also means they are fulfilling their due diligence. They already have a big task on their hands with this: making sure that accounts aren’t compromised by cybercriminals. Although more and more players use biometrics to log into online casinos, this alleviates a big headache for casinos with password protection.

When you’re logging in using your fingerprint, they can be assured that it is you logging in and they know it is you for example, when you are making financial transactions through their site. And so if anything was challenged by players to say it wasn’t them, the casino could advise that it was their fingerprint or face that logged them into the app.

Can I Use Biometrics When Playing Online?

The ability to use biometrics when logging into your online casino depends on your mobile phone. Biometrics on a smartphone usually refer to the ability to log in either by a fingerprint so your phone would need a fingerprint sensor, or more recently, by face ID. If you have neither of these sensors on your phone, unfortunately, this won’t be possible.

However, a lot of the latest phones are tending to have these implemented by default as a feature due to the benefits they have for people’s security, not just when it comes to online casinos but in general.

Another benefit of using biometrics is that it also speeds up logging into online casinos. It takes a matter of seconds, probably saving you up to 30 seconds when you’re logging in.

Enhancing Security with Password Protection

Today we’ve covered a lot of the main benefits of logging into an online casino website using biometrics. Both the benefits to you as the player going onto the online casino, the benefits to security in general and also the benefits to the online casino operators themselves.

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If you haven’t yet started using your biometrics to start logging in and you have the ability to, we would strongly recommend you start doing so when you next get the chance to, if your online casino operator allows it.