Motherpuppin’ New Year: Seven Resolutions Inspired by Our Dogs

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Making New Year’s Resolutions is a process of weighing where you are at and where you want to be.  When it comes to making Motherpuppin’ New Year’s Resolutions it takes further consideration like what would my dog, the happiest mammal on earth, resolve to do in the New Year and what goals or resolutions for the New Year should I put in place to also be a happy mammal?

Well . . . we reflected and asked some of our favorite canines for input and came up with this list.  It is not complete but will hopefully serve as inspiration when you and your furry pal go to make your own resolutions.

Motherpuppin’ New Year’s Resolutions

1. Toys

Buy more toys!  Toys not only provide for some entertainment and fun but serve to expand the mind and learn new things.  Our canines love toys but we should too. Toys should be a regular budgeted staple even as we venture into adulthood.  A coloring book? New ball? Put it on the list and use it.

2. Treats

More Treats!  Treating yourself is an important component of self care.  Our dogs may consider treats in the form of a bone or soft chew but we can think of a treat as a special hike, massage, pedicure, or reserving time for a meditation, which are all excellent forms of self care and a treat.  Just as our dogs look forward to that treat, anticipate it, and do not let a day go by without reminding us that a treat is owed, we need to make treats a priority so that they make it on our schedule.

3. Experience New Things

Although we can get set in our ways and schedules, making a commitment to experiencing new things can help us push our own limits and put us in the uncomfortable zone.  In that zone we expand as people.  Most of our well socialized dogs love to meet new friends and go to new places.  They greet such opportunities with delight and pleasure.  We too, can resolve to experience new things in the New Year and expand our horizons in the process!

4. More wind in your hair

We all have the iconic image of a dog with wind in the hair head hanging out the vehicle.  The image is a metaphor for freedom and pure happiness, albeit with a bit of slobber hanging in the wind.  We need to consider this image ourselves and get some wind in our own hair.  If for you that is truly hanging your head out the window or going on a bike ride on the beach, make a commitment to get some wind in your hair this year.

5. Wag More

Wagging a tail is meant to convey a range of emotions in dogs, including excitement and anticipation.  If we attempt to convey excitement and anticipation we will soon feel that way.  Which makes wagging more an excellent resolution for the New Year.  I hear there is a bumper sticker that can serve as a reminder that is available.

6. Chase Squirrels

My dog, being a rat terrier, is in his happy place chasing squirrels.  Chasing squirrels has gotten a bad rap as being a metaphor for a lack of focus.  However, if we also consider that chasing squirrels means exploring new things in an unscripted way we can also consider that chasing squirrels brings an opportunity to foster creativity and new experiences.  So go ahead and chase some squirrels you never know what you will find, it may be more than a squirrel.

7. Smile More

Some people think dogs cannot smile while others have no doubt.  I am in the I have no doubt my dog can smile camp.  When I look at my Great Pyrenees, Ruby, when she is hanging with her pals she is definitely pleased with herself and cracks a smile to show it.  If you are thinking a particular situation does not deserve a smile there is no better way to manage it than with a smile.  Somewhat like wagging more, a smile can change things a lot.  Therefore, smiling more made our list of Motherpuppin’ New Year’s Resolutions.

Creating New Year’s resolutions offers the opportunity and time to reflect.  Reflect on where we are and where we want to be but getting the creative juices flowing to create meaningful resolutions can be tough.  So we took a page out of the lives of our dogs, the happiest mammals on earth, to offer up seven ideas for resolutions for the New Year that you can put on your list.


Kendra Clark is the founder of and author of a new pet parenting book titled, Motherpuppin’ Adorable:What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s. Visit her website, Facebook and Instagram pages to learn more about pet parenting and petiquette.

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Written by Kendra Clark

With over 48 years of experience sharing her life with pets, disaster pet parent Kendra Clark, posts content about top tips and popular subjects for navigating life with your pet on and in her new book, Motherpuppin’ Adorable: What to do when your dog is better than everyone else’s.

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