Learning to Code? Here are the Top Fields for Software Engineers 

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If you are interested in pursuing a career in software engineering, you can expect growing job opportunities in this field. Software engineers design software programs and take part in their development. In this modern world we live in, where people place increasing importance on web development and applications, the employment options for software engineers remain robust across a variety of industries. 

So, if you are aspiring to become a software engineer, you can expect diverse career opportunities, and here are some of them.

App Developer 

One of the most exciting career opportunities for software engineers is developing apps. As an applications developer, your task is to translate software requirements into workable programming code. You also need to maintain and develop programs for business use. In most cases, you will work within a specific field, such as accounting software, graphics software, or mobile phone applications, among others. You need to have in-depth knowledge of one computer language to work as an app developer. 

When you work as an app developer, you can expect a decent salary. Today, most app developers make a lot of money, even if they are new to the profession. Of course, this is not the only reason why many software engineers desire to enter the field, but there’s no shame in desiring financial stability out of your profession. 

App development will also pave the way for exciting opportunities in your career. If you do not want to be tied up in the office working a 9-5 job, you should consider a career in app development. It’s the kind of job you can do remotely, allowing you to travel anywhere while earning money.

C++ Programming 

Software engineers can also work as C++ developers, where you specialize in coding the language of C++. The role will primarily occur in an office setting, although it’s also possible to work as a freelance software developer at home. Generally, permanent C++ developer jobs are team oriented. And in today’s technologically advanced world, job growth for C++ development is expected to grow by up to 32% in the next ten years. 

But what exactly is C++? Almost every electronic device we use these days relies on specific codes. Technology and programming have come a long way since they invented the first programming languages. However, the function of the codes and the purpose behind the development of these languages remain the same. 

C++ is one of the most adaptable high-level programming languages used to create a wide variety of apps and programs. C++ is an incredibly useful language to use if you are a software engineer. And if you run a business that requires working with different programs and apps, hiring someone with knowledge about C++ can do wonders for the efficiency of your business. 

Cyber Security 

Software engineers can also take up roles in cyber security, such as cyber security analysts. Cyber security careers are among the fastest and most promising careers fields of IT. Whether you just recently graduated or considering a career change, taking up jobs in cyber security offers the potential for high earnings. 

Cyber security is in high demand these days. In fact, there’s a significant shortage of talents in this sector, which means cyber security firms have to compete with each other to hire the best employees. The growing demand for this profession is evident in the salary you can expect to earn. Since the need for the profession outstrips the supply of talents, those with the right skills stand to be highly paid.  

Cyber security also offers an engaging path for software engineers, giving a wide range of options for specialization and growth. Moreover, working in cyber security offers a high level of satisfaction. The consequences of data breaches and other cyber security issues can be enormous. Being able to step in and protect organizations and people from these threats is truly rewarding.

PCL Programming

As a PLC engineer, you will work in electrical engineering and IT and be responsible for the maintenance of machines and plants that rely on programmable logic controllers. PLC means programmable logic controllers. It refers to small computers with inputs and outputs, including a built-in operating system and interfaces to load user programs. The PLC is linked to a machine and controllers to perform its desired functions, including temperature parameters, light barriers, and other measuring devices. 

As a PLC engineer, your primary role is to design control programs for electrical systems and machines, mainly in the industrial sector seeking to automate processes. For instance, automobile companies will use programmable controllers to control machinery on factory assembly lines. As a PLC engineer, you will develop and optimize processes and carry out maintenance and fault diagnostics as soon as the process is implemented. Sometimes, they will have to look for ways to visualize the processes to increase the operability of a particular system. 

Software engineers working PLC programmer jobs will sometimes work in sales and offer customer service and training to clients. They will inform clients about the use and application of PLC systems while also advising clients of possible conversions. The complexity of the PLC system will vary, depending on the company and the scope of the project.

Embedded Software 

Embedded software engineering is the process of controlling different machines and devices that work differently from standard computers. Integrating software engineering with non-computer devices will result in embedded systems. Embedded systems are prevalent in medical science, aviation, manufacturing science, consumer electronics, and automotive technology. 

As an embedded software engineer, you will work on different new products alongside other engineers. You will have the opportunity to take part in the design life cycle of the products and handle a variety of interesting design challenges every day. 

To be suitable for the job, you should illustrate industry experience in a small, fast-paced design team where you will have contributed to the design and development of consumer-focused electronic devices. Your core skill set should be based on coding in C and C++ in a wide range of embedded environments. Having experiences with various comms protocols will also make you more suitable for the role.

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